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Republican elected officials promise NO MASK MANDATES in St. Joseph County

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — St. Joseph County’s Republican elected officials promised they would not approve of any mask mandates in the county on Wednesday morning. While local health departments can issue guidance, any mandates would have to be passed through the County Council via an ordinance. The St. Joseph County Council is currently controlled by a Republican majority.

“As new discussions start to ripple throughout the country regarding Covid and mask mandates, the SJC Republican party wants to make it clear that local GOP elected officials will not agree to another mask mandate in St. Joseph County,” The St. Joseph County GOP sent in a statement. “Covid restrictions caused widespread economic fall-out; societal breakdown; educational losses; deterioration in physical and mental health; and violations of the U.S. Constitution. Forced masking destroys individual liberty; breaks down social connections; hides identity; hurts children; leads to unintended damaging consequences; and is ineffective. As we continue to rebuild from counterproductive, damaging lockdown policies, we also discourage other local entities from pushing forward any new mask requirements in St. Joseph County. 

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  1. Yeah Baby! Lotsa guts in that statement, the receipts are in the links they provided, good on ya Republicans!
    (Local Republicans. The ones in Washington DC are wimps and sellouts.)


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