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Baby killer seeks sex change on taxpayer dime, ACLU sues state prisons on his behalf

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A man convicted of murdering an 11-month-old baby is seeking to have a sex change surgery paid for by the taxpayers of Indiana. Jonathan C. Richardson, 41, was convicted of strangling his 11-month-old step-daughter to death in Evansville in 2002. Richardson even admitted to the murder to law enforcement by telling them he “killed the little fucking bitch.” He was sentenced to 55-years in prison and is currently being held at the Branchville Correctional Facility.

In 2020, after nearly 20-years of incarceration, Richardson started to identify as a female under the name Autumn Cordellioné. According to a lawsuit filed on his behalf by the Indiana Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, Richardson has been undergoing hormone treatment on the taxpayer dime as part of his transition. However, a new Indiana law prevents taxpayers from paying for his sex change operation.

“Gender-affirming surgery is necessary so that her physical identity can be aligned with her gender identity,” the lawsuit states.

The ACLU fails to mention anything about Richardson’s baby killing past.

Indianapolis base news station Fox59 also reported on the story and mentions nothing about Richardson’s conviction of killing an 11-month-old baby, as not to pull any sympathy away from his cause.

According to the Fox59 article, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita said he will fight the ACLU’s lawsuit.

“The approximate cost of these surgeries ranges from $10,000 to $150,000,” the statement read. “This is not necessary medical treatment – it is an atrocity. This should be common sense, which is something the ACLU continuously ignores. We will not back down and will continue to back the rule of law.”

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