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Mayoral Candidate convicted of Assaulting a Female in North Carolina

Desmont Upchurch responded to questions about the incident by stating, "Sounds like good publicity."

Desmont Upchurch (R), Candidate for Mayor of South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has confirmed the Republican candidate for Mayor of South Bend, Desmont Upchurch, has a conviction for Assaulting a Female out of Durham, North Carolina. The conviction is from July of 2000 in which Upchurch pled guilty in what appears to be a deal to lower the severity of the charges to a misdemeanor with little to no probation.

“I’ve been open about this,” Upchurch told RNM. “I was in an abusive relationship… from the standpoint of the abused and abuser.”

RNM first reached out to Upchurch after sources tipped us off to the conviction. Sources told RNM the Democrat Party was in possession of the information and potentially planned to drop the revelations in October, a month before the general election. October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The story would more than likely lead all local newscasts as well as make front page news in the South Bend Tribune only weeks before the election.

“Sounds like good publicity,” Upchurch said to RNM when told about the information we’ve received from our sources.

During the interview, RNM explained to Upchurch the news drop could have a negative impact on him and the rest of the GOP South Bend Municipal ticket.

“We’ll see,” Upchurch said while giving a dismissive chuckle.

The exact details regarding the incident are not known. The Durham North Carolina Clerk’s Office confirmed the charges and conviction. However, they have a policy of destroying settled misdemeanor case files after 5 years, meaning any narrative of the event does not exist with the courts.

According to Upchurch, after his conviction he was allowed to get a deferment to join the military. Upchurch served in the US Army until his retirement a few years ago.

These revelations come on the heels of another South Bend political candidate being arrested on a Domestic Violence charge. Police arrested South Bend Common Council District 2 Candidate Roosevelt Stewart (R) earlier this week for allegedly getting drunk then beating and strangling a 15-year-old relative in front of another child.

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  1. The Republican Party has to do a more thorough job of vetting candidates. A DemonCat could get away with this but Republican candidates better be squeaky clean. It’s a damn shame as I met Desmont at the 4-H Fairgrounds last year and he was well spoken, quite personable and I thought he would make a good candidate. It’s a shame but you have to pay for bad decisions. The real shame is that he wasn’t remorseful.


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