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Elementary teacher who pushed LGBTQ agenda on kids resigns following RNM story

ELKHART, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned an Elementary School PE Teacher in Elkhart resigned following an RNM investigation into her LGBTQ indoctrination of children. According to sources, Alexandria Roskos-Neilson announced that she would not be returning to teaching at Mary Beck elementary this fall.

“This absolutely had to do with the (RNM story),” One source who wished not to be named told RNM. “Thank you for what you’ve been doing.”

In December of last year, parents and educators raised concerns with RNM about several pictures that Roskos-Neilson put up in public view in the Mary Beck Elementary School gymnasium. The photos, featuring the LGBTQ rainbow flag and a lesbian marriage, were in plain sight for every student and visitor to see and question. The display also contained a drawing of an LGBTQ flag and a communist Black Lives Matter organization magnet. Despite having a private office to post pictures of her wedding, the PE Teacher decided to use the bulletin board in the gymnasium to post the photos and other politically motivated material for children as young as 5-years-old to see.

The purpose of the bulletin board is for educational assistance and was partially used by the teacher for educational direction. The board contained an expectations list for children, a consequences list and other instructions for young kids. Mixed in with the educational instructions were the personal photos of the wedding and political propaganda. Children were forced to view the political material when reading the board as part of their educational directions.

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  1. I’d hate to be a parent of a child in her class, having to make a complaint about something so unprofessional while my child remains in her class. Hopefully the principle had this display taken down that same day.


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