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Whitley County Library pushes sex, Satanism on kids

Pride Month display at the Whitley County Peabody Library

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. — The Whitely County Peabody Library in Columbia City has gone extreme with the sexualization of children during “Pride Month” celebrations. The library is covered with LGBTQ exhibits and books for kids along with events including “Read with Furry Friends” (Furries are a sexual fetish involving dressing up as an animal) and the “Teen Pride Party.”

Columbia City is a small, rural town in conservative Whitley County with a population of less than 10,000 people.

Books being presented to children include:

The Pride Guide — A guide to sexual and social health for LGBTQ youth

The LGBTQ Survival Guide for teens magazine

Camp Quiltbag — Story about an LGBTQ summer camp with a 12-year-old lesbian and 13-year-old child who goes by e/em/eir pronouns.

LGBTQ Families — A children’s book describing the virtues of “non-traditional” families.

The Times I knew I was Gay — A children’s book that gives “clues” to knowing you’re actually gay.

Pretty Boys — A story about men wearing makeup.

Growing Up Trans — Shares stories, essays, art and poetry created by trans youth aged 11 to 18.

I Have Something to Tell You — A book for kids written by Chasten Buttigieg (husband of US Secretary of Transportation and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg) describing his “coming out.”

Bloom — A story for kids about two men falling in love.

That’s not all that the library is presenting to children. The library has also set out pamphlets and displays describing radical gender theory and promoting Satanism.


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity — This display essentially tells children how they can “transition” into a new gender.

Genderbread Person — This display is meant for very young children to describe radical gender theory using a well known character, the Gingerbread man.

Lil Nas X promotional poster. Lil Nas X is a musician who is well known for promoting satanism. His most famous music video involves him stripping for and appearing to have sexual relations with the Devil.

The library also has large displays throughout the library designed for children to view. It also has a calendar for sexual events planned for children which you can see below.

Concerned parents and residents can contact the library by calling (260) 244-5541. You can also learn more about the library staff and board of trustees here.

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  1. Before voicing objection, read the policy “Freedom to Read” starting on Page 6 of the policy manual. https://connect.lib.in.us/peabody/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Library-Policy-2021.pdf Spoiler; it blames conservatives for attempting to ban or suppress ideas, and in fact is completely out of line by mentioning conservative attempt to “censor content in schools”. A public library is not a school.

    You will be attacked for “banning books” in violation of library policy if that’s the approach you take.

    Navigate carefully. Let them know there is a big difference between “suppression” and “promotion”. While you might not like some of the books, it is a public library so you may fail trying to “ban” some of the books from being on the shelves. But using your taxpayer dollars, they are “promoting” material and ideas that you find controversial and offensive, which isn’t OK. Just as the Constitution forbids Congress from promoting one religion over others, any publicly funded institution should not promote any view on a subject that is controversial in the public eye.

  2. Thank you for your article about this! I do not agree at all with the approach that Peabody Public Library is taking, but I would like to defend them on one matter. The Read with Furry Friends is a monthly event in which children can sit down with actual pets and therapy dogs and read to them. It isn’t about Furries at all …so far, and I pray that it stays that way. It’s certainly hard to trust the library after this fiasco, though, and my family will no longer be taking a chance on them in any way, shape, or form.

    Pete Colan makes some great points in his comment above, too. Thank you, Pete. I hope that we can all try to remember that the way we respond to this is very important and that we need to try to be tactful. It’s so hard when it’s such an emotional and divisive topic. May God bless us and guide us all as we try to navigate these difficult times!


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