State GOP Diversity Czar defends job performance after suggesting there are separate national anthems for whites and blacks

Whitley Yates
Whitley Yates, Indiana GOP Director of Diversity and Social Impact Strategist

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana State GOP’s Director of Diversity and Social Impact Strategist, Whitley Yates, is defending her position on pushing for different national anthems based on race by claiming she has done a great job to promote diversity in the Republican Party in St. Joseph County. However, her claims are simply untrue, as Yates has done virtually nothing to assist the St. Joseph County GOP which is currently running the most diverse municipal ticket in party history.

Last week, RNM published a story regarding overtly racist Twitter posts made by Yates following the performance of Lift Every Voice during the Superbowl. Lift Every Voice is being coined by the left as "The Black National Anthem" in an attempt to sow division between Americans of different races, claiming the real National Anthem does not actually represent black people. When, in fact, the Star Spangled Banner represents the entire country, regardless of race.

When Yates was called out for promoting the segregation of races in reference to the two songs, she doubled down. Yates appears to be completely ignorant of the country's motto, E pluribus unum -- Latin for "Out of many, one."

"When you celebrate Black Culture it divides us? So should we all be the same?" Yates wrote on Twitter, ignoring the fact that we are all Americans. "Correct there is only ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM - just like there is only on Black national anthem."


Following the RNM story, Yates decided to defend her segregation stance by defending her job performance and impact, specifically in St. Joseph County. Yates claimed that she visits St. Joseph County more than any other county in the state. However, Yates has not been to the county in more than 8 months. Yates did not even visit the region after the tragic deaths of St. Joseph County GOP Chair Zach Potts and Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

Yates also falsely claimed she had been assisting local minority candidates via a diversity seminar in Indianapolis last year. In fact, only one of the candidates was involved in that seminar, current South Bend Mayoral candidate Desmont Upchurch. However, Upchurch at the time was running for St. Joseph County Auditor and was one of only two county-wide Republican candidates to lose in the 2022 election. Yates has not been involved in the campaigns or growth of any of the other candidates in the region -- despite the current municipal ticket containing two black men, two black women, a Hispanic woman and a Jewish man.

Yates then spent hours slamming RNM on social media for our story. RNM is the only conservative news outlet in the region. She then claimed RNM journalist Clifton French is a racist for saying there is one national anthem, despite the journalist being in a biracial marriage with a biracial child. She did so while on the clock, being paid by State GOP dollars.

Yates then tried to establish her credentials by stating that she appears on Newsmax twice a week. RNM sent Yates' comments and our previous story to Newsmax producers to inform them about her racist and anti-conservative views.


This type of racism toward white people has been creeping its way into the Indiana GOP for years now. In 2021, RNM uncovered several racist social media posts made by Republican Governor Eric Holcomb's (R) appointed Chief Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Officer, Karrah Herring.

Herring's social media posts include calling "white folk" corporate criminals, bashing interracial relationships and calling parents and children of private schools racist.

RNM is suggesting Yates' position within the State GOP be eliminated and her salary be used toward the campaigns of the candidates in the South Bend Municipal races.

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