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“I don’t like seeing… white people” Health Dept. employee goes on racist rant

Taylor Coats (Martin) — Assistant Director of Health Equity, St. Joseph County Department of Health — Photo: Facebook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has obtained video of a St. Joseph County Department of Health employee going on a racist rant against white people. The employee, Taylor Coats (Martin), is currently the Assistant Director of Health Equity within the government agency.

Coats decided to deride the Health Board during public comment at its meeting on Wednesday with extreme racist views against white people.

"This is the room and table I like the least." Coats said while referring to the color of everyone's skin. "I don't like seeing this. A bunch of white people sitting around making decisions."

This is the first meeting where there wasn't a black board member. Late last month, Theresa Cruthird, a black woman and doctor, stepped down from her appointed position. The St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners has had very little time to appoint her replacement. Coats referred to Cruthird as a "token" black person as well. Coats only appears to be deriding the racial makeup of the board after Republicans took over the majority. And, aside from the resignation of Cruthird (who Coats called a "token"), the racial makeup of the board has not changed.

The comments appeared to inspire other racists in the crowd to pile on with the anti-white hate as well.

"I will also echo Taylor as well." Pediatrician and former Board of Health Member, Karen Davis, said. "It is disappointing seeing the makeup of the board currently."

"We will continue on (with pushing a radical agenda). You won't stop us." Activist and former congressional candidate, Marla Godette, said. "There are people dying because of a lack of equity."

"The board could be a little bit more diverse." Another assumed employee of the Health Department, whose full name was not shared, said. "You do need some color on your board, okay?"


A cursory search of Coats' social media accounts show she is a radical activist outside of her government position. Most of her public social media posts involve deriding white politicians, race, police and radical climate change propaganda.

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  1. Do germs have color, or gender? Is their anything wrong with having the most qualified person on the Board of Health, no matter color, gender or sexual perversion? Does Coats believe some diseases are more equal than other diseases? How about equal opportunity instead of equal outcome, the people’s health be damned, as long as we have equity. How much money would we save by eliminating her position?

  2. Agree with Palladin. If someone has a complaint about board policy or decisions… express it. Those board members who were appointed by different offices around the County don’t have a choice of their own skin color, so why complain to them? Obviously they are powerless to do anything about it.


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