Act NOW to stop massive expansion of state-federal control over public health in Indiana Senate Bill 4

Margaret Menge, Crossroads Report

WRITTEN BY: Margaret Menge of the Crossroads Report

The Indiana legislature is considering giving the Indiana Department of Health an additional $300 million over the next two years in what will be the largest-ever expansion of the state public health bureaucracy and the biggest expansion of state control over personal health decisions.

(Forget about local mask mandates. There will be only state mandates for all pandemics going forward if this passes…)

And Indiana, like most states, follows the CDC in lock step. So this is actually a consolidation of federal control over health — sanitation, water, restaurant closures, vaccinations, masking, etc.

The Indiana Senate Appropriations Committee met on Thursday, passing the bill with a 14-0 vote.

The committee chairman, Sen. Ryan Mishler (R-Mishawaka), did not allow public testimony at the hearing. However, they did consider and pass the bill with an amendment mandating counties apply for the money via a grant process through the state budget agency. Counties that receive the funding still have to meet all of the new requirements and guidelines.

Sen. Ryan Mishler (R-Mishawaka)

Senate Bill 4 will fund a program that will pile numerous new requirements on county health departments in a scheme (which members of the Governor’s Public Health Commission revealed in a June 30, 2022 public meeting - go to 49:54) will force counties to enter into a cooperative agreement with the Indiana Department of Health — essentially, giving up their ability to make decisions about public health based on the needs and desires of the residents of their individual counties.

Click here to send an email to your state senator through Stand for Health Freedom

If you can call also, this will help a great deal.

The Republican members of the Senate Appropriations Committee are:

Sen. Ryan Mishler (chair) Phone: 317-232-9814

Sen. Eric Bassler (ranking majority member) Phone: 317-234-9426

Sen. Liz Brown Phone: 317-232-9497

Sen. Justin Busch Phone: 317-232-9488

Sen. Ed Charbonneau Phone: 317-232-9494

Sen. Michael Crider Phone: 317-234-9054

Sen. Jon Ford Phone: 317-232-9541

Sen. Chris Garten Phone: 317-232-9840

Sen. Travis Holdman Phone: 317-232-9453

Sen. Jeff Raatz Phone: 317-233-0930

The Democrat members of the Committee are:

Sen. Eddie Melton (ranking minority member)

Sen. David Niezgodski

Sen. Fady Qaddoura

Sen. Lonnie Randolph

If your state senator is not on this list, call them anyway, as this bill will likely come before the full state Senate in the next couple of weeks and your senator needs to know that The PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THIS.

What do we want? I would propose:

  1. NO additional funding for the Indiana Department of Health (or a 20% cut in funding)
  2. NO approval of any funding for the Indiana Department of Health whatsoever until the health commissioner, Dr. Kristina Box, apologizes to the people for the harms she caused during the pandemic by her failure to provide a pandemic response that was based on the science.
  3. A compensation fund set up by the state, using surplus funds, to compensate those who were seriously injured by the Covid-19 vaccine, which the state falsely told Hoosiers was “safe and effective” — ignoring alarming reports in VAERS that showed the vaccines were causing deaths in elderly residents and in health care workers from the very beginning.
  4. What else?

Margaret Menge is a freelance journalist based in Bloomington who’s written for the Columbia Journalism Review, New York Observer, Miami Herald, The American Conservative, among other publications.

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