WNDU promotes story pushing the potential transing of 3-year-old boy

Screenshot from WNDU story
Photo of child with pink painted nails — Photo: WNDU

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Local TV news station, WNDU, recently published a story which appears to promote the intentional act of confusing a 3-year-old about his gender. The story revolves around a TikTok video in which the father of the little boy takes his son to get his nails painted pink because, he claims, the child’s teacher said “getting your nails painted is only for girls.” The incident allegedly happened in extremely liberal Los Angeles, California, raising even more doubts that the incident involving the teacher even really happened.

In the video, the little boy is excited to get his nails painted the same color as his father’s girlfriend. However, it turns out, the father’s girlfriend is actually a man who identifies as a woman; a fact that is not mentioned in the WNDU story.

According to a story by the Los Angeles Blade, "(Christian) Shearhod (the boy's father), in a relationship with his transgender girlfriend Eden, is a straight LGBTQ+ ally and uses his TikTok platform to bolster LGBTQ+ equality and visibility."

The background music to the video is Pretty Girls Walk, with the chorus line stating "All the pretty girls walk like this."

The father, also appears to be a teacher himself. Shearhod has a profile on the tutoring website "Superprof," in which he offers math tutoring lessons. In the profile he states that he has been a middle school math teacher for 3 years.

"While I only have 3 years of experience, I have been named the 'teacher of the month' 5 times, and I am looked at as a leader in the field of education. I run a TikTok channel with 665.3 thousand followers, and I used this channel to engage and inspire other educators, entertain, and advocate for marginalized groups within education." Shearhod's profile states.

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