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WATCH: Worst political ad EVER

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Democrat State Representative Candidate Heidi Beidinger decided to launch the worst political ad of the cycle, just before Halloween. The ad appears to encourage dead people to vote. It also insinuates Democrats just go with the crowd, like a zombie. In the end, the ad simply makes no sense at all.

“So be a zombie!” A voice over in the ad says. “And go straight to the polls. Because even though the other side doesn’t want us voting, we’re unstoppable. We’re voters. Count on us.”

Republicans have long accused Democrats of casting ballots for dead people. Republicans have also called for the cleaning up of voter rolls, to make sure people who are deceased are no longer listed.

The ad should be no surprise. Beidinger has nothing to really run on. She is a radical left wing extremist running for the 5th district State House seat. She has been the president of the St. Joseph County Health Board — helping to destroy businesses through 2020 and 2021. She also pushed keeping children out of school and mask mandates for kids, which has appeared to cause long lasting damage to our children. She is also a pro-abortion zealot.

Beidinger is currently running against Republican incumbent Dale Devon.

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  1. Great video! (for Republicans).
    Hilarious ending! Dem/Zombie “voters” dancing like the nurses of TikTok. What overpaid political consultant thought that was a good idea? He/she/they probably were OD-ed on Pumpkin Spice and were/was/wtf? hallucinating. I swear Dems are self-sabotaging at every level as their day of judgement approaches.
    I am loving this meltdown, perfectly timed before the gigantic Red Wave!


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