Sheriff’s Deputy and security guard allegedly refuse to let Republican Party Board member vote

County-City Building, Photo: Google Maps
County-City Building, Photo: Google Maps

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — RNM has learned one of St. Joseph County Sheriff Bill Redman’s (D) Deputies refused to let a woman into the County-City Building to vote. The woman they refused access to happens to be the Secretary of the St. Joseph County GOP, Sharyl Dawes. Evidence suggests Dawes was in line to vote at 4:29pm on Tuesday when she was turned away. Voting ends at 4:30pm and voters need to simply be in line by that time in order to vote.

“I’ve been a poll worker for about two decades.” Dawes said, who was at the security checkpoint by 4:30pm or earlier when she was refused entry. “‘In line’ can be outside of the building, just inside the door etc.”

“We all checked our watches. All three of us (the Deputy, Security Guard and Dawes).” Dawes continues. “Everyone agreed it was 4:30 when I was being turned away.”

Dawes explains it was initially the security guard who turned her away. The Deputy then jumped in and supported the decision to suppress the Republican vote.

“Nobody except for the poll supervisors should be telling someone they can’t vote.” A former election worker, who wished not to be named, told RNM.


RNM has discovered the security company hired to work the checkpoint into the County-City Building is Radde Security. It turns out, Radde Security has donated thousands of dollars to Redman’s campaign.

According to campaign reports filed by the Redman Campaign, Radde Investigations/Security and Radde family members have donated at least $4,500 to Redman’s campaign since 2017.

6/16/17 — $450 — Radde Investigative and Security Agency

9/23/17 — $600 — Steve Radde Investigation

2/07/18 — $300 — Radde Investigative and Security Agency

3/18/18 — $200 — Howard and Vicki Radde

6/28/18 — $450 — Radde Investigative

6/20/19 — $500 — Radde Investigative and Security Agency

6/22/20 — $500 — Radde Investigative and Security Agency

5/11/21 — $500 — Radde Security Agency

5/12/21 — $500 — Radde Security Agency

3/10/22 — $500 — Radde Investigative and Security Agency


Dawes tells RNM she is concerned early voting had already closed for the day when she first arrived. This concern arises from a phone call she had the next day with a poll supervisor, who told her she had personally left around 4:00pm. It’s still unclear if anyone was still there at 4:30pm.

RNM is currently working to see if early voting was illegally shut down early. We are putting in public records requests for video surveillance of the area. The elections and early/absentee voting is run by the St. Joseph County Clerk’s Office. Democrat Clerk Rita Glenn is currently under two Indiana State Police investigations for the handling of absentee ballots.

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