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Casey Hendrickson to host “NOISE” with renown Journalist and Documentarian, Lauren Southern

Photo: https://www.953mnc.com/mncnoise/

ELKHART, Ind. — 95.3 MNC’s NOISE event is back! This year, renown journalist and documentarian Lauren Southern is going to be on stage with Michiana’s own Casey Hendrickson.

“Ever since MBC came up with the concept of NOISE, I’ve had a short list of people I wanted as guests. Always near the top of that list was Lauren Southern.” Hendrickson told REAL News Michiana. “Her work in the trenches for the conservative cause were the inspiration and model for the current crop of conservative influencers. They learned to do it by watching Lauren.”

“Lauren Southern is a Canadian journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. She is well known for her films Farmlands, Borderless and most recently Crossfire. Whether it be the murder of South African farmers or the cover-up of crime statistics in America, she does not shy away from controversial political crises.” A press release from the 95.3 MNC website states.

“Southern also has a robust writing and commentary career, covering issues of feminism, free speech, immigration and geopolitical power struggles. Her commentary has been featured in IB Times, The Spectator, Spiked, Sky News, Human Events and more.

In a world where media are bought and paid for by interest groups, and pressured by the powers that be, independent journalists are needed more than ever. Southern is dedicated to her peaceful advocacy of exposing corruption and speaking up for the silent majority who deserve a voice.

Lauren will appear on stage with 95.3 MNC’s very own Casey Hendrickson, Jon Zimney, and Laura Smith for a lively and engaging roundtable discussion of the day’s news and events.
Discuss, debate, have fun and connect with other MNC listeners on Saturday, November 19th, at The Lerner Theatre”

Click here to purchase your tickets.

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