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SEE IT: Democrat Comms Director hopeful COVID killed enough Republicans to give them a win

Left: Heidi Beidinger, (D) District 5 State Rep. Candidate — Photo: Notre Dame
Right: Stephanie Wilson, Hoosier Victory Alliance — Photo: Twitter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The Communications Director for Democrat State House Candidate, Heidi Beidinger, is hopeful that COVID killed enough District 5 Republicans to give them a win over incumbent Dale Devon (R).

“I’ve been thinking and saying this for the last 2 years.” Stephanie Wilson posted to Twitter last week. “It feels gross to say, but it’s possible enough Rs died from COVID to really change the totals at the district level in red states/red areas.”

It appears Wilson deleted the Tweet following backlash online.

Wilson, who is the founder of a PAC called the Hoosier Victory Alliance is also responsible for Communications for the Beidinger Campaign.

RNM reached out to Wilson for comment, she responded after the story was written by posting a comment to the story. Her comment was a blatant lie, claiming RNM did not reach out to her. RNM’s attempt to get comment from Wilson was done on Twitter, which was the means in which she posted the commentary. She also appears to be on Twitter most of the day, with the amount of activity on her feed. As a journalist, it appeared Twitter would be the most effective way to ask for comment considering the above facts.

Beidinger is currently the President of the St. Joseph County Board of Health. Under her leadership, 60+ local businesses shuttered due to Health Department induced COVID lockdowns, schools closed for more than a year and kids were forced to wear masks for far too long.

An RNM investigation during that time uncovered Beidinger and her colleagues colluding with the media to slander and shame Republicans and businesses who were fighting to stay open. They also bragged in emails to each other about their “Draconian” policies.

The Health Department is currently being sued by a business for being a political target of the Health Department and Notre Dame.

Beidinger is also the Director of the Masters of Science in Global Health Program at the University of Notre Dame.

RNM reached out to Beidinger for comment on this story. She has not responded.

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