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Man Arrested for Exposing Himself for the 4th Time

Walter Schultz — Mugshot: St. Joseph County Jail

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — Notre Dame Police arrested a Niles man for Public Nudity on the campus. It turns out, the 48-year-old suspect has been arrested multiple times for exposing himself and already had a warrant out for his arrest for Public Nudity at a local tanning salon.

Police booked 48-year-old Walter Schultz into the St. Joseph County jail at 1:30am on July 6th, for charges of Public Nudity. Schultz has yet to be charged in the case and an incident report is not yet available. RNM is currently waiting on a statement from Notre Dame regarding the incident.

However, RNM discovered Schultz has been wanted since 2018 for exposing himself to a 19-year-old girl at a local tanning salon. It turns out, Schultz has been arrested for public nudity several times. He was arrested for the crimes in Illinois and Niles, Michigan, in the past and was convicted of Public Nudity in St. Joseph County in 2015.


In the 2018 incident, court documents allege Schultz exposed himself to a teenage employee of Malibu Tanning at 10433 McKinley Highway. Court documents claim Schultz was “overly relaxed” and intoxicated. According to police reports from the time, Schultz bought a tanning package for a stand-up tanning bed. He got naked and yelled at the teenaged employee for assistance. When the employee walked to the area where he was yelling from, Schultz was fully nude walking back and forth next to the tanning bed with the door open — appearing to purposefully expose himself to the teenaged girl. The employee then closed the door and reported the incident to her mother.

According to court documents, the employee’s mother arrived at Malibu Tanning quickly after. Schultz then walked out of the business and drove off in his car. It did not appear that Schultz used the tanning bed at all before getting dressed and leaving.

It turns out, Schultz had provided his name and address on forms in order to use the tanning bed. Detectives were able to identify him by that information. Detectives then learned of Schultz being arrested for public nudity in 2015.

When questioned over the phone about the incident, Schultz told detectives that he didn’t know how to use the tanning bed, asked for assistance from the employee and only used the facility for a couple of minutes before he decided to leave.

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In 2015, Schultz was arrested and eventually convicted for exposing himself at the Kohl’s store in Mishawaka. According to court documents obtained by REAL News Michiana, Schultz exposed his penis and was touching himself while walking through the children’s section of the clothing store.

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RNM is working on getting details about his arrests in Michigan and Illinois.

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  1. And this fellow is on the streets of Michiana because…??? There must be average sentence statistics and other measurables to determine if the crime-prone are being released back to the streets of Michiana. Other cities felt the need to let the criminal blame society (“Repo Man”), but there is no reason for Michiana to follow a trend which has failed catastrophically and destabilized entire great American cities.


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