GUILTY! Dem. Voter Registration employee violated election laws

Amanda Konrath
Amanda Konrath, Democrat Board Member, St. Joseph County Voter Registration

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Election Board found the Democrat Board Member of the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office in violation of election laws for illegally registering another Democrat to vote. In a hearing this afternoon, the board found Amanda Konrath illegally registered a non-eligible person to vote the day before the 2022 General Election. 


According to election officials, a woman called into the Voter Registration Office the day before the general election asking to speak with a Democrat official. She was transferred to the Voter Registration Office and directed to speak with a Democrat employee by then Deputy St. Joseph County Auditor John Murphy. Murphy, a Democrat, was on the ballot at the time and was narrowly elected as the Auditor.

The woman’s call was answered by the Republican Board Member, who attempted to assist the caller. The Republican Board Member discovered the woman’s voter registration had been cancelled earlier in the year because her information was not up to date. It turns out, the former Democrat Board Member, Muhammad Shabazz, was the person who cancelled the registration after several attempts were made to get the proper information.

Eventually, the call was sent over to Amanda Konrath, who secretly registered the woman to vote at 11:00am. Records show the woman cast her ballot at an early voting location shortly after.


Here’s the problem: Voters must be registered 30 days prior to an election.

However, the law does allow for certain exceptions. If, for instance, an error was made by the Voter Registration Office, the voter can have their status corrected. That can only be done if the error was made by the Voter Registration Office and not at the fault of the voter herself.

In an instance of an error being made, the Voter Registration official must issue what is called a Certificate of Error and the voter is given a provisional ballot. This process must be done and approved by both the Democrat and Republican members of the office. None of that was done in this case.

Election officials were able to track down the ballot and it was not counted in the general election.


Konrath is potentially facing criminal charges at both the federal and state levels. Konrath could face up to 10 years in federal prison for election fraud and conspiracy. She could also be facing a level 6 felony charge at the state level for election fraud.

The Election Board stated they did not plan to send the violation along to any other agency. However, any citizen can now refer the crime along to proper investigators. RNM is told the Indiana Secretary of State is aware of the situation and plans to launch an investigation.

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  1. I’m amazed at why Democrats in St. Joe county feel the need to break the law when it comes to elections. They need to throw the book at Ms. Konrath.


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