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Fired OnlyFans Teacher Files for Frivolous Protection Order Against Journalist Who Exposed Her

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A South Bend teacher who was fired from her job after a REAL News Michiana story uncovered the educator moonlights as a pornstar, filed a frivolous petition for a protection order against RNM journalist Clifton French. The teacher claims RNM stole her pornography pictures, harassed her for days and posted nude pictures of her on Facebook; all of which is untrue.

Late last month, RNM published a story about DoD STARBASE teacher Sarah Seales (Sarah Juree) running a pornography page on OnlyFans.com. RNM confirmed Seales takes and sells nude photographs of herself on the website. Seales also uses the name “Buttercup” on her pornography page, which RNM has confirmed is the nickname that she forced her students call her by.

Before publishing the story, RNM reached out to Seals one time on Facebook to get a comment from her. Seales first lied about her OnlyFans page being clean before threatening to sue RNM if we ran the story. In her petition for a protection order, Seales lies by claiming the RNM journalist “harassed (her) relentlessly for days.” The entire conversation between RNM and Seales can be seen below.

Seales also lies in the petition by claiming RNM illegally obtained the pictures and then shared nude photos of her on Facebook. Neither RNM or Clifton French shared or published nude pictures of Seales. All of the photos were obtained legally and all of the nudity was covered. You can see the non-nude photographs published by RNM below.

Seales further claims RNM harassed her by contacting her employer, causing her to be terminated. RNM did in fact contact her employer for comment on the story. RNM never received a response from the employer. And, according to a termination letter from DoD STARBASE, Seales was terminated from her job for the pictures she was posting, not the email sent from an RNM journalist. You can view the email RNM sent to Seales’ employer below.

RNM looks forward to presenting all of this evidence to a judge later this month. RNM is also exploring all legal actions that can be taken against Seales for her abuse of the courts. You can read the original story about Seales here.


Filing protection orders against journalists to intimidate and impede investigations has become a common tactic of the left.

Since August of 2021, leftist activists have filed petitions against the RNM journalist at least 4 times. So far, all of them have been dismissed as frivolous.

In August of 2021, an employee of the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office filed for a protection order against RNM journalist Clifton French who was investigating a massive grant fraud operation involving the employee, Aisha Avance. Avance lied to the court, claiming RNM was harassing her. RNM eventually proved the fraud was occurring and the protection order was dismissed. RNM is now suing Avance and St. Joseph County for their abuse of the courts.

Earlier this year, convicted felon and activist, Vernado Malone filed for a protection order against RNM’s journalist as well. That petition simply contained stories published by RNM and was immediately dismissed by the judge. Those stories included an investigation that revealed Malone was taking full-body nude pictures of the deceased at a local funeral home. That story has lead to multiple law enforcement investigations and lawsuits against Malone.

Immediately after that petition was dismissed, Malone filed for another one. Once again, claiming investigations and stories into Malone constitute harassment. That petition has gone nowhere as well.

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