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“Zero-Cost Adoption State” — State Rep. Proposes Plan Following National Overturning of Roe

Rep. Tim Wesco, Osceola

Osceola, Ind. — Indiana State Representative Tim Wesco has proposed making Indiana a “Zero-Cost Adoption State” in the wake of the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade & Planned Parenthood v. Casey, publicly committing to proposing such legislation in the upcoming special session.

Wesco’s proposal would move $100 million of public money to establish a State Adoption Fund, which would effectively make adoption costs free for both birth mothers and adoptive families, as well as provide support for children and families through foster care.

“Indiana should lead the nation in protecting life and providing for birth mothers and families who choose adoption,” Wesco said in a recent Facebook post. “Life is precious in Indiana and mothers and families who choose adoption should receive maximum support.”

Wesco, whose district encompasses Elkhart County and has been serving since 2010, has been an outspoken supporter of pro-life initiatives at the state level. In addition to serving as a legislator, Wesco is employed as a pastor at Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Elkhart.

The Indiana General Assembly plans to convene for a special session on July 25th, where it will legislate for the first time in a post-Roe landscape. The special session was originally scheduled for July 6th, but was delayed earlier this week.  

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  1. That is a great idea! It’s many years late but better late than never. Let’s hope Late To The Game Wesco does not tout this as his sole PRO-LIFE effort now that Roe v Wade is overturned. We want abortion to be illegal in Indiana. No more can kicking from the GOP. Keep up the effort to save babies!!!


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