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READ IT: Niles Schools Train Teachers on Talking to “White Kids” about Race, LGBTQ Terminolgy, Privilege and Student Sexuality

Niles Schools CRT leaders
From Left to Right: Jennifer Shabazz, Principal of Ballard Elementary School — Jeron Blood, Principal of Southside Elementary School — Ann Bingham, Director of Curriculum

NILES, Mich. — REAL News Michiana has uncovered an agenda from a professional development training for teachers and staff at Niles Community Schools focused on radical Critical Race Theory and Gender Theory, pushing the sexualization of kids and separating children based on their race.

The training occurred in January of this year as part of a social-emotional learning training for teachers and staff that was run by Curriculum Director Ann Bingham, as well as two elementary school principals: Jennifer Shabazz of Ballard Elementary and Jeron Blood of Southside Elementary.

A list of the sessions for the training include: Talking to White Kids about Race, LGBTQ+ Terminology: A Primer, Gender Identity and Sexuality Student Panel, and Intersectionality and Circle of Privilege — to name a few. You can read the entire agenda below for yourself.

The “Gender Identity and Sexuality Student Panel” is where teachers and staff literally asked kids about sex.

“We will learn about diversity, equity, inclusion, privilege, and marginalization straight from the mouths of our Niles students as it relates to Gender Identity and Sexuality.” The agenda states.

The Niles Community Schools’ administration also handed out curriculum to teachers on how to indoctrinate children as young as 6-years-old into Critical Race Theory.

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