SJC Dem Party Misspells Education in Post Railing Against GOP for Focusing on Education

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A social media post by the St. Joseph County Democrat Party criticizing Republicans for focusing on educational issues had an unfortunate spelling error. Instead of “education” the post spells the word as “educataion.”

“While the Republican super majority down state remained hyper-focused on underfunding public educataion, disinvesting in our teachers, and wringing their hands about Critical Race Theory in the classroom, this was happening…”

It appears the St. Joseph County Democrats are also uneducated about what was also happening during the session, as Republicans did not focus on disinvesting in teachers or underfunding public education (much to the demise of many Republican voters).

The St. Joseph County Democrat Party is run by St. Joseph County Councilwoman Diana Hess.

This isn’t the first time St. Joseph County Democrats have had a public education campaign misspelling mishap. In 2015, a billboard supporting the South Bend Community School Corporation misspelled “public” as “pubic”. The billboard read “15 Best Things About Our Pubic schools.”

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