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Niles Principal Defends Teaching CRT to Kids While Denying They’re Teaching CRT

Jeron Blood, Assistant Director of Special Education & Social Emotional Learning
Principal, Northside Child Development Center & Southside School

NILES, Mich. — The principal of two Niles schools is defending teaching Critical Race Theory tenets to kids while also claiming they’re not teaching CRT. This is coming to light after a parent questioned a lesson on “Microaggressions” that was given to her child. RNM wrote a story about that lesson. However, we never received a response from the school district.

“When I attended the school board meeting last August, I brought up my concern of CRT being taught in the school. One of the board members said they would not being teaching it. I would like to know why I was lied to? The article says allegedly, but I have a photo from that class this week… I would like to know what action the school will be taking towards the teacher that is teaching this to Niles’s students.” The parent wrote.

The email was sent to Jeron Blood, who is the Principal of both the Northside Child Development Center and Southside School. Blood is also the Assistant Director of Special Education & Social Emotional Learning. The lesson was given to a high school class.

Instead of admitting to being caught teaching Critical Race Theory tenets to children, Blood doubles down in his response in a very bizarre way. He claims because “microaggressions” are also “harmful” to the LGBTQ community, so, the teacher wasn’t teaching CRT tenets.

“While Critical Race Theory emphasizes the idea that there is racism inherently embedded in our laws and institutions, the definition of a microaggression is “a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group.” These marginalized groups could be a variety of people: people of color, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, women, senior citizens, people with disabilities.” Blood said in his email. “A microaggression usually reinforces stereotypes that are untrue and negative about whatever group is being talked about. While these can be intentional, direct, and hateful, we often see that these are unintentional and subtle. Therefore, teaching Critical Race Theory and creating a common understanding of microaggressions and their effects on others are not the same thing.”

Even Encyclopedia Britannica links the two in its article describing Critical Race Theory titled, “Basic tenets of critical race theory.” There have been numerous “scholarly” articles written about the two, including a fairly famous scholarly article from 2000 titled “Critical Race Theory, Racial Microaggressions, and Campus Racial Climate.” A simple google search will provide you with dozens of legitimate, scholarly sources linking the two concepts.

The “microaggression” push was pulled straight from CRT teachings then expanded to include other radical left ideals, such as radical gender theory.

Blood goes on to list several Michigan standards to prove the lesson falls under the state’s standards before gaslighting the parent even more.

“I appreciate you reaching out and would be more than happy to address any other questions you have in the future. I’d also be happy to sit down to discuss this topic a bit more, if you’d like. It’s extremely important to me that every parent knows we are transparent and can be trusted with their child’s education.” Blood says.

Blood and two other Niles administrators have been pushing CRT into all of the schools. They helped develop a training and disseminated CRT curriculum to be taught during Black History Month.

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