WATCH: Vandal Attacks Pro-Life Facility, Runs Off Through Abortion Clinic Property

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has obtained video of a vandal and thief targeting a pro-life facility before running off onto the property of an abortion clinic.

The video from the evening of March 12th, shows a person wearing all dark clothes with what appears to be a hooded sweatshirt, cutting off and removing an expensive plastic barrier around a gazebo on the Michiana Right to Life property on Lincoln Way West. The gazebo is where sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors go to get warm during the winter months. The vandal is then seen taking off through the well-lit property of the Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic next door.

“Unfortunately, waking up to the news that Right to Life’s gazebo had been vandalized, was the least surprising part of my week. We have experienced a vandalism 6 times in my tenure with Right to Life Michiana. I’ve had a front row seat to the violent and criminal tactics abortion advocates are willing to take.” Right to Life Michiana Spokesperson, Melanie Garcia, said in a statement.

The Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic has aligned itself with self proclaimed Antifa and Satanic activists who call themselves “deathscorts”, due to the fact that they escort mothers-to-be into the facility to kill their unborn children. These “deathscorts” constantly attack, scream and harass pro-life advocates who are peacefully praying next to the property. You can see multiple videos of their tactics in a story published by RNM last year.

One of the Antifa activists was also investigated by the Capitol Police for nearly hitting Congresswoman Jackie Walorski with his car while she prayed outside of the facility last year.

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