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50 State Reps Sign Letter About Local Abortion Clinic, GOP Governor Ignores Them

Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic — Photo: Google Maps

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Republican Governor Eric Holcomb is ignoring calls from 50 members of his own party to look into major safety concerns at South Bends Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic.

“For over two years, this clinic operates outside of regular and necessary IDOH inspections. As long as this clinic operates under a court order, it should be reviewed and inspected under the same laws and regulations as all other state clinics of this nature so they are not able to operate with certain measures of impunity. We request an immediate change to remedy this situation in order to correct this egregious error and prevent the recurrence of such oversights in the future.” A letter signed by the 50 state representatives states.

The letter, which is dated December 30th, 2021, requested a response from the governor by January 24th, 2022. As of January 28th, Governor Holcomb had not issued a response.

The legislatures also cited several other concerns with Indiana’s abortion oversight, including the disposal of fetal remains, reporting of minors receiving abortions, cases of illegal abortions and maternal death and a recent lack of reports involving abortion clinic violations.

RNM stands with these law makers in holding the Governor accountable. You can view the entire letter below.

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  1. Holcomb is a joke he talks about making policing more equitable, he threatened to revoke food services licenses from businesses that stayed open during the initial 2020 lockdowns, and he has 3 fairly left wing demands before he will end the state of emergency orders regarding COVID policies. For example one of his demands was that federal boosted unemployment benefits be made more legislatively permanent before he rescinds the emergency order.

    Let’s not forget how he tried to sue the state legislative body because they voted to put limits on the Governor’s emergency powers. Thank God he lost that fight.

    He is so bad I just want to find some America First type and want to get them into the Governor’s office.

  2. If a woman loses her life with the state of Indiana knowingly failing to regulate this death assurance clinic, does Mr. Holcomb and the other bureaucrats ignoring the state rules directly have blood on his hands? There has been ample time available to enforce the universally required healthy and safety reviews for this facility? Holcomb has made this choice personally. Negligence standards could be: Awareness of Problem, Ability to Influence Outcome, Knowledge of rules and regulations

    Holcomb would have a difficult time claiming ignorance as a defense… But Republicans in power seldom know how to fairly and uniformly wield it.


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