WATCH: School Board Member Opposes Teacher Accountability by Invoking MLK

Clare Roach
Clare Roach, Member of the Penn Harris Madison Board of School Trustees

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — A member of the Board of School Trustees for Penn Harris Madison Schools went on a tirade Monday, opposing teacher accountability by invoking Martin Luther King Jr. The board member appears to be supporting teachers who have admitted to lying to parents, groomed children into believing they’re transgender, expressed extreme anti-police views in school and pushed for Critical Race Theory in curriculum.

Board member Clare Roach’s 11 minute diatribe loathed the fact that “websites” were going through the social media accounts of educators and that the masters thesis of one educator was also made public.

It’s obvious Roach was lambasting REAL News Michiana, but did not call RNM out by name. RNM has written several stories regarding the social media accounts of local educators. Including the story about a PHM middle school teacher who posted a video on social media bragging that she lies to parents about 7th graders who came out to her as transexual. RNM also wrote two stories about PHM middle school teachers who posted “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards) and openly discussed those anti-police beliefs in school.

Further, RNM is the only news organization that published a story regarding a Penn High School teacher who wrote a masters thesis about how she was incorporating Critical Race Theory into her curriculum and how she believed CRT could be adopted throughout the school system. That paper was publicly available on the IUSB website.

Roach attempted to say stories of those instances somehow instilled fear in teachers, preventing them from giving lessons regarding the great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

“This Martin Luther King day, I had a very troubled heart.” Roach said. “Just before the national holiday, I received a call from a PHM teacher who informed me that for the first time in her teaching career, she would not be teaching a lesson on Dr. King.”

“She told me she was aware of other teachers whose university term papers were publicly shared with a tone of ‘gotcha'” She went on. “…there are websites that exist, scouring teacher social media feeds as if it’s a sin for them to believe in causes that are dear to their heart.”

“Tonight I’d like to speak up in defense, in solidarity with our teachers. Our administrators. And about their crucial work in service of our kids.”

Roach then made one of the most false claims ever uttered by a human talking about public schools.

“Our teachers did not go into this profession… to brainwash students with political ideologies.”

Roach goes on to then support brainwashing kids with obvious political ideologies.

“To PHM teachers, talking about racial justice is important. Help our students embrace their call to form a more perfect union.” She said.

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  1. Her facebook page says that she works for or is affiliated with ND. Is ND ok with this rhetoric from one of their employees?


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