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YOUTH DRAG SHOW Planned in Goshen Park

GOSHEN, Ind. — An LGBTQ group in Goshen, Indiana, is promoting what it’s calling a “Youth Drag Show and Party” at Shanklin Park this Saturday. The event is penned as part of the Goshen Pride Week events and is being promoted by the Goshen LGBTQ Pride Facebook group. You can see the full flyer below.

RNM called the number listed on the Goshen LGBTQ Pride Facebook page and spoke to who we can only assume is an organizer of the event. While the event is still being advertised, she claimed the “Drag Show” portion had been cancelled. However, the event is still being promoted and the organizers have yet to post on social media (or anywhere else that RNM could find) that the event is no longer happening.

“There actually is no drag show tomorrow.” She said.

“There just weren’t enough participants.” She added, when asked why the show was cancelled.

RNM’s Clifton French then asked the woman if she believed a drag show for children could be considered child exploitation.

“No.” She replied.

She then likened sexualized drag shows to dressing up for Halloween.

The woman on the phone refused to give RNM her name, but a quick search of public records showed the phone number listed as the cell number of an Adrienne Nesbitt. Nesbitt works as the Director of Events for Eyedart Creative Studio, a local marketing and public relations company.

RNM Reached out to the parks department for information on the event. A woman by the name of Lorri told RNM the events happening at Shanklin Park are being held by a private organization or individual, but would not give any information on who that person or group is. Lorri also told RNM that the organizer told the Parks Department that the Youth Drag Show had been cancelled. Lorri did tell RNM that the group has reserved the pool at Shanklin Park and a pavilion.

RNM also reached out to Mayor Jeremy Stutsman’s office to see if he was aware of the planned show. The person answering the phone at his office said the event had been cancelled as well and reiterated that the event had nothing to do with the city.

RNM submitted a Freedom Of Information Act Request to the Mayor’s office and the Parks Department asking for the information of the person or group who is renting the park amenities for the weekend. RNM also requested copies of emails regarding the drag show from the mayor and the parks’ superintendent.


  1. This is why I want to move to a conservative city/town. This display was horrid! A 10 year old girl was assulted for protesting the nasty event. Children should not be taught that this stuff is ok. It’s exploitation! A bunch of child sex preditors were there watching your stupid show. I hope you feel good about yourselves for parading little kids around in drag.


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