SB Teacher of the Year Brags About CRT Indoctrination

Jasmine Brown, Navarre Middle School Teacher of the Year

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has uncovered a social media chat between a South Bend Middle School teacher and a local “activist”, in which the teacher brags about her attempts to indoctrinate children with what appears to be elements of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project (which claims the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery and has been slammed by historians across the political spectrum).

The teacher is Jasmine Brown, an 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Navarre Middle School. Brown is also the school’s Teacher of the Year for 2020-2021.

The social media conversation was held on a publicly viewable page between Brown and BLM activist/convicted woman beater Wayne Hubbard. You can read more about Hubbard’s criminal history here.

In the post, Brown says she plants “the seeds of change” at an early age while describing some of her curriculum to include; BLM and prisons being the new form of slavery (middle passage). She also says “none of that fictitious or watered down mess taught in Ms. Brown’s class,” while pushing the systemic racism narrative. You can read the entire post below.

Brown works at Navarre Middle School, which is now part of what’s known as the South Bend Empowerment Zone. The SBEZ was created in lieu of a state takeover of Navarre, which was a systemically failing school. It’s 4 elementary school feeders were included in the creation.

RNM has done several stories regarding the SBEZ, including an incident where the head of the SBEZ, Cheryl Camacho, kicked a police officer out of Coquillard Elementary School the day after a school shooting threat. You can read more about the SBEZ and the incident involving the police officer here.

RNM reached out to Camacho and the principal of Navarre for comment about Brown’s posts, neither responded. RNM also submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for Brown’s lesson plans for the past year. Those documents have not yet been provided.

Empowerment Zones are a growing trend across the country. One such zone in Springfield, Mass., is extremely open about its indoctrination of communist CRT and BLM teachings. You can see for yourself by simply visiting their website here.


  1. These stories are unbelievable but true. I been on S.B.C.S Board for 12 years from 2005 until 2015. What is happening in our public schools is a disaster to our community. All children are born equal and are products of God. I tried to stress this to the people that sat on the board with little success. Majority of the minority community always agreed with me even Jasmine’s father who is a respected activist for human rights. God’s children are innocent and are being used as a pawn for evil. We should focus on destroying these gangs that are trying to recruit our children. The three stories that are on your web site about Navarre, principle at Jackson, and about Coquillard should be sent to the Attorney General’s office. The public schools have a specific curriculum to follow in the class room and teachers are not allowed to change it. If action is not taken soon by the State, South Bend will be destroyed. Save our children from our past and pursue Martin Luther Kings dream and God and all live together peacefully and in harmony!

  2. I was one of the first children in south bend to experience the closing of neighborhood schools in multi-racial neighborhoods so we could be bused to “better schools”. What a farce it has been from the start. Our SBCSC has failed multiple generations of students and it’s progressively getting worse. This is a sad city for public education. SBCSC should look to Mishawaka School corp or PHM school corp for professional and intelligent guidance or stay on this current path and continue with this status of failing students and schools.


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