Pro-life Advocates Pay Tribute to Nearly 600 Babies Killed at South Bend Abortion Clinic

Photo Courtesy: Joyce Zalas

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — In just two years, nearly 600 babies have been killed at South Bend’s only abortion clinic, according to Right to Life Michiana. Today, in partnership with Students for Life, pro-life activists braved the rain and wind to set up small crosses outside of Whole Woman’s Health in memory of each life lost.

“Nearly 24 classrooms worth of children have been eradicated over the past two years at our local abortion business. We hope this memorial will be a reminder to the community of the destruction of abortion and importance of supporting the women and families in our lives” Melanie Garcia, Outreach Coordinator for Right to Life Michiana, said.

Whole Woman’s Health has been operating without a license since June 28th, 2019, thanks to the decision of an activist federal judge who allowed the clinic to open while lawsuits are pending.

“Abortion poisons, starves, and dismembers a human life. We mourn the destruction of innocent life and of families happening in Michiana.” RTLM executive director, Jackie Appleman, said.

The abortion clinic has been a magnet for Antifa extremists to attack peaceful pro-life protestors, including one extremist who nearly hit congresswoman Jackie Walorski with his car. You can read more about REAL News Michiana’s coverage of that incident here. You can also see videos of the pro-abortion zealots attacking peaceful pro-life protesters here.


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