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SB Activist, Convicted Woman Beater Organizes Rally for “Women’s Rights”

Wayne Hubbard Mugshot, St. Joseph County Jail

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Local “activist” and convicted domestic batterer, Wayne Hubbard, is organizing a protest and rally for “women’s rights.” The protest is aimed at targeting the pro-life group, Right To Life Michiana, which is mainly run by women.
Below is the Facebook post he put out, organizing the event.

The event titled, “Stand for Women’s Rights,” is planned for an unknown location on Saturday. However, the lack of self awareness to organize such an event is baffling considering Hubbard was just sentenced for violating a protective order in a domestic battery case earlier this week.

In fact, Hubbard has been arrested for alleged violence, including against women, on several other occasions.

In 2020, Hubbard was arrested for Felony Domestic Battery in the Presence of a Child, Domestic Battery with a Prior Conviction and violating a protective order. Through a plea, Hubbard was only convicted of the protective order violation.

In 2014, Hubbard was convicted of Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury.

In 2013, Hubbard was arrested for Domestic Battery. The case was dismissed at the victim’s request.

Hubbard’s attack of RTL comes after the pro-life group was invited to speak to a high school health class about the science of abortion. The news of a pro-life group visiting a school didn’t sit well with Hubbard and the activist left, and the teacher was put on administrative leave. That teacher has since been reinstated. Below is a statement regarding the matter from Right to Life Michiana issued last week.

Other folks pushing the protest are members of the Northern Indiana Atheists group, many of whom volunteer as “patient escorts” outside of South Bend’s Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic. The “escorts” routinely scream, harass and demean Right to Life sidewalk counselors. Many of those actions have been caught on camera. You can watch for yourself here.



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