South Bend BLM leader arrested again

Jorden Giger Booking Photo

Goshen, Ind. — Police in Goshen arrested a leader of the South Bend Black Lives Matter organization again. Jorden Giger, 29, is now facing charges for Resisting Law Enforcement after police took him into custody for suspicion of Operating While Intoxicated. This comes as he is still going to court for charges levied against him in October, where police say he fought a police officer and attempted to take away the officer’s taser in Floyd County.

According to court documents, Giger was slumped over his steering wheel, asleep in a running car in the 100 block of East Washington Street, around 12:30am on March 1st. Officers say they found an open container of alcohol and they could smell alcohol on Giger’s breath. Giger refused to take field sobriety tests, so officers obtained a warrant to draw blood.

While at the hospital to do the blood draw, Giger resisted officers and hospital staff. He eventually had to be moved into a separate room, restrained on a hospital bed and forced to have his blood drawn, according to court documents which are provided below. REAL News Michiana redacted Giger’s address from all of the documents being shown.

Scroll past to see in depth details of his criminal past and examples of fawning media coverage, despite his obvious criminal behavior.

Giger is currently facing a felony and three misdemeanors for Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Law Enforcement, Disorderly Conduct and Public intoxication from an incident in October, as previously mentioned. You can read the probable case affidavit for that case here as well.

Court documents also show Giger has a history of operating while intoxicated. He was convicted of DWI in Missouri several years ago. Those charging records can also be seen below.

Giger has been at the forefront of protests against police in Michiana and held up as an anti-police brutality “activist” by local media. He has been helping to push forward a Citizen’s Review Board for the South Bend Police Department. And, despite his criminal record, he’s been given the golden-treatment from news outlets across the area. He was just featured in a story by ABC57’s Tony Sandleben four days ago. This is the first paragraph:

Black Lives Matter said it’s taking pandemic relief into its own hands with what it called the “Survival Fund,” a fund the national organization is using to give black families some fiscal relief from the pandemic. Black Lives Matter (BLM) South Bend said it wanted to use the funds to help those impacted by police misconduct, families who had a loved one incarcerated, or African-American trans women because according to BLM South Bend, they not only have been adversely impacted by the pandemic but also impacted by society as a whole.

WSBT, WNDU and the South Bend Tribune have also used him as a voice in the anti-police movement in several stories.

Giger also appears to be a proud supporter of the notoriously violent street gang, the Latin Kings. The following picture can be found on his facebook page.



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