WSBT refuses to run story about Black Dem. supporting GOP — has history of coverage with white candidates

Henry Davis Jr. (D), South Bend Common Council District 2, announces his endorsement of Roosevelt Stewart (R) for the 2nd District seat at a news conference in the County-City Building.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has obtained an email from a WSBT reporter claiming the TV station refused to run a story about a Black Democrat Councilmember crossing party lines to support a Republican due to a policy of not covering endorsements. There’s only one problem — the TV station has a history of covering cross-party endorsements of white candidates.

On Friday, sitting Democrat South Bend Common Council member Henry Davis Jr. made a bombshell announcement, endorsing the Republican candidate for his current seat. Davis, who is not running for re-election to South Bend’s 2nd District, snubbed Democrat Candidate Ophelia Gooden-Rodgers and instead endorsed Republican Roosevelt Stewart.

Despite having a reporter at the announcement, WSBT refused to give the newsworthy event any coverage.

“Hi Henry, for some reason, WSBT does not do endorsements so my news directors put me on a different story for the day once they realized it (the news conference) was (an endorsement).” WSBT reporter Tyonna Baxter wrote in an email to Davis Jr. “So sorry it couldn’t air, but it was nice meeting you.”

The claims that WSBT does not cover endorsements is simply false. In 2018, WSBT ran a story about Democrat County Auditor Mike Hamann crossing party lines to endorse Republican County Commissioner Andy Kostielney. The story’s headline was straight forward — “County Auditor Mike Hamann crossing party lines to support campaign of Andy Kostielney.” The only key difference between the stories appears to be the race of the people involved. Hamann and Kostielney are both white. Davis Jr. and Stewart are both black.

“It speaks for itself.” Davis Jr. told RNM regarding WSBT’s obvious double standard.

Just yesterday, WSBT published a story about the white governor of Iowa endorsing Ron Desantis for president.

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  1. Great job providing two examples of WSBT’s endorsement duplicity: one from 2018 and one from yesterday. Excellent reporting!

  2. Hey Benny, how many lies does someone have to tell before they are a liar? Just one.

    So how many lies by omission does a “news agency” need before they are also liars? HINT: Still just one.

    WSBT is lying, and their standards are obvious.


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