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Mayor Mueller looks to skirt law to keep radical activist on Board of Health

Democrats work overtime to keep abortion and anti-gun activist Heidi Beidinger on the Board of Health

Heidi Beidinger
Heidi Beidinger, (D) St. Joseph County Board of Health — Photo: University of Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has discovered South Bend Mayor James Mueller (D) is attempting to skirt Indiana law to keep a radical Democrat activist on the St. Joseph County Board of Health. The issue is in regard to former Board of Health president Heidi Beidinger, a radical abortion activist who was integral in heavy handed COVID mandates in 2020 and 2021. While Beidinger no longer serves as the board president, she still holds a seat as a member of the Board of Health. However, it is apparent that County officials will not be reappointing her to a seat.

Beidinger was appointed to the position by Mayor Pete Buttigieg in 2018. Since then, the law surrounding appointments has changed. Currently the Mayors of South Bend and Mishawaka have one appointment a piece. However, they cannot recommend a “public health professional, including an epidemiologist,” which is what Beidinger is (She is currently an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Eck Institute for Global Health). Instead, the mayors have to pick someone like a social worker, dentist, school superintendent, even a licensed engineer due to their unique expertise in public health. The County Commissioners and County Council are the only bodies allowed to pick doctors, nurses and epidemiologists. On top of that, the mayors have to present the County Commissioners with three recommendations. The Commissioners must pick one of the recommended officials to be appointed.

To break that down: The County Council and Commissioners have already picked their public health professionals. Beidinger isn’t one of them.

Now, Mayor James Mueller is attempting to re-write Beidinger’s professional profile to keep her on the Board of Health.

According to an article by WVPE, Mueller told them that “City attorneys are working on whether they can classify her as an environmental scientist or a social worker for the nomination to commissioners.”


Beidinger, who lost a State Representative campaign in November against current Republican state representative Dale DeVon, ran unapologetically on gun control and abortion. While Beidinger has remained generally quiet on Twitter since her losses, she picked up steam again at the end of March going after Republicans about public health and the party’s work to put an end to child genital mutilation. In April she simply posted a picture that states, “Vote Every F*cking Republican Out.”

However, her public radical activism is on full display even further. Below is just a sample of her recent social media targets.

April 5: On the recent Indiana law to ban the mutilation of children via sex change operations and treatment: “This is monstrous on so many levels. Gosh, I wonder how Dale Devon (sic) voted since he is so supportive of Hoosier children?” (DeVon voted yes.)

April 11: More on Indiana’s law to ban child gender transition: “It’s so horrible! We must vote the MAGA GOP out! Organize and vote!”

During her State Rep. campaign, Beidinger’s communications director publicly stated that she was hopeful enough Republican’s died from COVID to allow Democrats to win historically red seats.

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  1. Retreads like HB who hold tired and unconstitutional radical mutilationist and life-ending academic views are continually propped up by the old Dem party in SBend. Mueller is too smart to fight for this tired radical, isn’t he? Mueller has done a good job avoiding these losing fights. Promoting HB will bring forward the election where the GOP will viably compete to unwind the damage done by decades of Uniparty rule at the mayoral level.


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