SJC Library holding community forum at drag show for kids venue

The Well
River Park Grace Church/The Well Coffee House — Photo: Googlemaps

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Library is holding a community forum at a venue that hosts multiple drag shows for kids every year. The forum is scheduled for Wednesday evening at The Well on Mishawaka Avenue and is meant as a Q & A with the public to determine what they would like to see the library doing in the future. According to library officials, every topic is on the table.

This comes as pressure has been mounting on the library from parents to limit access to porongraphic material to children. Democrats have attacked the efforts of parents attempting to protect their kids as “book banning” and have been working to shore up support from left-wing activists. The October 11th event is planned for 6:00-7:30pm.


The Well Coffee House, which is part of (and inside) River Park Grace Church, hosts multiple drag shows for kids every year. The latest one was in June and was labeled as the “All Ages Drag Pride Edition.” Children 5 and under were given free admission. While kids 6-17 were allowed entry at half price. Several left-wing activists associated with Notre Dame, the Satanic Temple and the non-profit Northern Indiana Atheists provided security at the front doors. One of the activists, a Notre Dame employee, was caught on camera calling for the murder of Christians.

The Well held a similar Halloween themed drag show for children in October of 2022. During that event, free admission was offered to children 4-years-old and younger with children 5-17 receiving a discounted entry fee of $5. However, adults had to pay $10. Both events were put together in coordination with the South Bend LGBTQ Center.

The Halloween themed event received major backlash from the public with a large protest during the show. Ironically, members of the Satanic Temple, Northern Indiana Atheists and abortion clinic volunteers provided security during that event as well.


In August, REAL News Michiana learned the St. Joseph County Public Library was promoting and providing a book to children that gives detailed instructions regarding anal and oral sex, tips on how to use adult sex apps and directs children to use sexual “bathhouses.” The book also contains graphic depictions of sex and sexual content as seen below.

The issue was discovered by a parent in June when she was visiting the library with her 3 children who are all under the age of 9. The mother tells RNM she was walking through the children’s area when she noticed a book at the front desk of the children’s section titled “This Book is Gay.” The book was only a few feet away from children’s titles such as “Peppa Pig” and “Star Wars.”

“It was very colorful,” The mother said to RNM. “When I was 8-years-old and I walked past that, I would have said ‘that’s so pretty, I want to read that.’”

The mother said she did some research and read the book, discovering just how bad it was. Thinking it must be a mistake to have the title in any area for minors, she reached out to the library. She was told she would need to file a form to ask that the book be reviewed for removal. That was in June.

Despite the mother outlining the book discussing things like it “feels nice when (the prostate is) massaged” and mentioning actions such as “scat: to eat poop” and “rimming: licking the bottom,” the library denied the mother’s request to have the book removed.

The mother then gave a speech at the Library Board meeting in July, where she read excerpts from the book. The board then agreed to review its policy on content for children.


The St. Joseph County Democrat Party has been working to mobilize activists to attack that concerned mother and others for months. In fact, the party wrote about it in their weekly newsletter on August 20th, falsely claiming Republicans were planning to censor and ban books.

The Democrat call to action prevailed, with dozens of activists appearing at a Library Board meeting in late August.

WNDU and The South Bend Tribune both covered the meeting. However, neither described what was in the book. The outlets also failed to mention the hate that was hurled at several non-political mothers who are simply attempting to keep the library safe for their children. Several of the left-wing activists heckled the mothers who were attempting to protect their children by calling them “Nazis” among other things.

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