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Elementary school Paraprofessional moonlighting as sexualized children’s toy removed from classroom

From left to right: Dominic Dallich performs as Paulie Pocket, Dominic Dallich poses for a picture on the first day of Kindergarten at Northpoint Elementary School, Polly Pocket children’s toy — Photos: Facebook and Google

GRANGER, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has confirmed Penn Harris Madison School Corporation administrators removed an Elementary Education Assistant from the classroom following an RNM investigation uncovering the man also moonlights as a drag queen. It turns out, the Northpoint Elementary School employee’s drag persona was an intentional sexualization of popular children’s toy, Polly Pocket.

Dominic Dallich is an Educational Assistant at Northpoint Elementary school where he works specifically with children with special needs, many of whom are non-verbal. RNM discovered he frequently performs in hyper-sexualized drag routines under the persona “Paulie Pocket” and appears to attempt to dress up as the popular children’s toy, with a sexual spin.

RNM broke the story regarding Dallich’s moonlighting persona on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, sources tipped RNM off that Dallich appeared to have been removed from the classroom. RNM then called PHM School Board Member Matt Chaffee who confirmed the tip.

“I was informed that an employee who was featured in a recent REAL News Michiana article has been removed from the classroom today pending an investigation,” Chaffee said. “However, I cannot comment on any ongoing personnel issues or investigations.”

While RNM has confirmed Dallich performed the sexualized drag act as recently as last week, we have discovered this has been an ongoing fetish of his for more than a decade.

In publicly available social media posts on Twitter from as early as 2013, Dallich used a Twitter handle portraying his drag persona in which he would call himself a “slut,” “trashy bitch” and would spew vulgar profanities directed at biological women. In two replies in 2014 to a now deleted Twitter profile, he appeared to respond to rape allegations.

Dallich frequently performs at the Dockside Nightclub in South Bend. According to Dockside’s Facebook Page, Dallich performed as “Paulie Pocket” as recently as August 25th of this year. He also performed on August 19th for the club’s “Seductive Saturday” event.

Sources tell RNM the principal of Northpoint Elementary School has been aware of Dallich’s moonlighting and has supported it.

Dallich’s personal and professional social media pages appear to be either have been deleted or made private after RNM began its investigation into him.

RNM reached out to PHM’s Communications Director and Superintendent with the following email on Tuesday morning:

I’m reaching out to get comment regarding an EA at Northpoint Elementary School. It has come to my attention that a Dominic Dallich moonlights as a hyper-sexual drag performer/stripper by the name of Paulie Pocket.

Does this violate any policies at PHM? Would a female educator be allowed to work as an erotic dancer on the side?

We never received a response.

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  1. Oh for cryin out loud! Pauly Pocket? Billy Bonus-hole?
    When will this nightmare end?
    Thank you Clifton for bird-dogging these sickos!
    Who hired him?
    My guess is a libtard who has no problem with groomers…

  2. A search of all local and state databases revealed that Dockside pays ZERO real and personal property. Probably registered as a house of worship to gain tax exempt status. 🙏


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