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Library promotes book to kids about anal sex, adult sex apps, eating poop, more


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned the St. Joseph County Public Library is promoting and providing a book to children that gives detailed instructions regarding anal and oral sex, tips on how to use adult sex apps and directs children to use sexual “bathhouses.” The book also contains graphic depictions of sex and sexual content as seen below.

The issue was discovered by a parent in June when she was visiting the library with her 3 children who are all under the age of 9. The mother tells RNM she was walking through the children’s area when she noticed a book at the front desk of the children’s section titled “This Book is Gay.” The book was only a few feet away from children’s titles such as “Peppa Pig” and “Star Wars.”

“It was very colorful,” The mother said to RNM. “When I was 8-years-old and I walked past that, I would have said ‘that’s so pretty, I want to read that.'”

While the mother has come forward with her name, RNM has made the decision not to name her due to threats she is likely to receive from Democrat activists.

“I’m not an activist, not involved in politics at all,” she said. “I’m just a mom. I think I have a normal gauge of reasonableness. Obviously this is not appropriate for kids.”

The mother said she did some research and read the book, discovering just how bad it was. Thinking it must be a mistake to have the title in any area for minors, she reached out to the library. She was told she would need to file a form to ask that the book be reviewed for removal. That was in June. Her request was denied. It can be seen below.

Despite the mother outlining the book discussing things like it “feels nice when (the prostate is) massaged” and mentioning actions such as “scat: to eat poop” and “rimming: licking the bottom,” the library denied the mother’s request to have the book removed.

The mother then gave a speech at the Library Board meeting in July, where she read excerpts from the book (see the bottom of the story). The board then said they would review their policy on content for children.

However, the policy, which is only one sentence, appears allow this kind of content. The policy does nothing to outline what would or would not be objectively appropriate or inappropriate for children. Instead, it simply pushes for “diversity.”

“In selecting library materials for children and teens, the Library’s policy is to provide a diverse, equitable, and inclusive collection that meets the informational, recreational, and cultural needs o fchildren from birth through high school.” The entire youth policy reads.


In her speech at the Library Board meeting in July, the mother gave specific examples of sexual content, citing page numbers and chapters. RNM is told the attorney for the library directed the doors of the meeting room be closed because the quotes being cited were too obscene for anyone in the library to overhear.

Books are powerful teachers. Authors are counselors and advisors. I come to you today to address a book that you offer. I saw it in the children’s section a couple weeks ago. Your website says it’s for children aged 14-17 and it advises them to do harmful things. I hope we can agree there are certain topics a parent would not want a stranger to advise their child on. While there are myriad topics to explore and engage with, that is not what I’m referring to here. I’m suggesting there are certain INSTRUCTIONS it is ALWAYS inappropriate for an adult stranger to give other people’s children. What sort of instructions do I, and those here with me today, think are inappropriate? I’d like to cite some specific sections of the book in question and I’d like you to imagine these instructions being given to your own children as middle schoolers:

  1. How would you feel if a grown man taught your child, “how sex apps work”. It’s on pages 182 – 187. I’ll quote page 185: “if people want casual sex, then Grindr is a must.” Page 187 then shares, with kids who can’t even drive a car yet, “some sex app tips”. The author later acknowledges that children use these adult hook up apps on page 188, subtly suggesting it’s possible to get in early and have sex with adults while a minor. 
  2. Chapter nine all but winks at children: “this chapter is about sex… if you are a younger reader and feel you aren’t ready for the finer details… then simply skip this whole chapter. HOWEVER, before you do…” page 194 then teaches the “finer details of same-sex pairings.”
  3. Let’s really open your sons’ eyes now with quotes from page 200: “Up your bum you have a prostate glad which feels nice when massaged. The anus is also sensitive and responds to being played with.” This is from the section on CHILD SEX, apparently, because it references boys, not men.
  4. More eye-opening tidbits from page 201: “Perhaps the most important skill you will master… is the timeless, the classic hand job. The good news is you can practice on yourself!” Page 201 it goes on “sometimes… in order to be able to cum at all, you or your partner may need to finish off with a handie… a good handie is all about the wrist action. Rub the head of his cock back and forth with your hand.”
  5. The next page clears up a common misconception for your child: “Blowies… massively misleading… it’s more about sucking… it’s more about sliding your mouth up and down the shaft of his cock.”
  6. Page 206 advises in all things anal: “A bit of spit… is not a substitute for proper water-based lubricants…” and follows with instructions on where to get these items for free. 
  7. Now for your daughters, let’s not leave them out! Pages 208-209 inform: “The clitoris is a super sensitive cluster of nerve endings that, when rubbed, kissed or licked can make a woman orgasm (and that’s a good thing)…. That clitoris really does like being licked and kissed… Toys, dildos, vibrators and strap-ons all fulfill the same purpose… a prosthesis to insert into the vagina.”
  8. A testimonial on page 211 all but encourages the kids at these acts: “I love a good shag from a hand or a dildo. Vaginal or anal. But honestly, that’s not about the orgasm. It’s about the pleasure of being shagged.” 
  9. Then on the following page, the audience of 14-17 are ACTUALLY encouraged. “Experiment wherever possible. Explore every corner of your desire… something in your arse, withdrawn shortly before a clitoral orgasm can feel AMAZING.” 
  10. Skipping to page 235: “Saunas or bath houses are dotted all over the country and they are perfectly legal. People pay some money to enter, and then have a bit of a sauna and some random sex.” Now your child might be wondering – Who needs those in the internet age? Well, the author lets your teen know they’re being replaced by technology: “People often use [sex apps] to invite a load of people around for a “party” or a “chill out”. These are code words for an orgy… very often there are DRUGS involved.”
  11. Now that opens the door to a discussion on page 242 covering open relationships and polygamy: “An open relationship is one with a cat flap allowing other people to drift in and out of the bedroom… sometimes this means threesomes (or moresomes) with other people. All the intimacy with your partner, all the variety with extras!”
  12. The rules for these relationships follow on page 245 such as: “no anal and never in the home – only one-off hookups.”
  13. For my final citation in this exercise, I’ll focus on the “cheat sheet” on page 296, which is positively a treasure trove for kinky terms that kids should, apparently, be learning from a stranger… Among the list: glory hole, 69, dildo, poppers (a note on poppers: this is slang for amyl nitrite – which sometimes is used to treat angina, but I think is referenced here because, a quick google informed me: “It is also used recreationally as an inhalant drug that induces a brief euphoric state, and when COMBINED with other intoxicant stimulant drugs such as cocaine or MDMA, the euphoric state intensifies and is prolonged”. Isn’t that nice? Anyway, other important terms from this section of the book for kids as young as 14: rimming (licking the butthole), scat (eating poop) and golden shower (peeing on each other)…

This book would clearly be X rated if it were a movie and yet you’re willing to pass it out to kids who couldn’t get into an R-rated movie. If I talked like this book does to a coworker in my workplace, I’d be punished for committing sexual assault. So why is this “not suitable for the workplace” content OK to be handed to our kids? 

I do not come here with any sort of moral authority. My arguments are not political nor religious, but meant to appeal to your reasonableness. Is it reasonable for instructions such as those I have just outlined to be distributed at will to children below the age of sexual consent? Or, for that matter, distributed to adults who are interested in reading, with great detail, about child-on-child sex acts? It may be perfectly legal for this sort of material to be handed out, but I doubt other legal materials stock your shelves… say: recipes for meth. Legal but slightly controversial, right?

Similarly, I’m sure you’d avoid providing instructions on self-induced vomiting to young girls with eating disorders. I doubt there are books for disaffected young men that describe, with detail, how to carry out a school shooting? I’m furthermore tempted to check your collection for a book with complimentary information to this book’s instructions on sex apps; specifically, steps for grown men to hook up with minors.

Adults, like this author, coaching children to have sex with adults is perverse. Adults instructing children on the best ways to sexually pleasure other children is demented.This book is not Sex Ed but kink for kids. Its harmful content precludes it from being a resource for children on sexuality. I know from other mothers that libraries have removed this book in the past because 1) The children’s section is targeted towards children, who are developmentally not able to process nuanced points of view without the guidance of an adult. 2) Parents expect that books in the children’s section will not contain explicit content. 3) The danger with books that contain sexual content is that children will likely be embarrassed and ashamed upon reading the content, not to mention confused and/or disturbed, and will NOT go to their parents because they feel like they have done something wrong.

I will now mention the name of the book I have been referencing. It’s called “This Book is Gay”. I’ve waited until now to mention the name of this book because I do not want anyone to think the sexual preference of the author or readers has shaped my conflict with this material.  Again, adults coaching children to have sex with other kids is disgusting whatever their gender.

This is not my first attempt to get this book removed. A couple weeks ago, after first seeing the book, I submitted a Reconsideration Form requesting this book be removed and I was denied. So I’m appealing to you all once more by countering the justification you gave for keeping the book: Your justification for keeping the book stated: “It is… the responsibility of parents to monitor what their children use from our collections.” And yet, according to your own website, a child can get a Youth Access Card by simply providing their name, address, DOB, and phone number. Minors are therefore a short form away from being alone in their room with the book that would counsel them in this kink. 

I should also include an experience from a mother with whom I’ve become connected during my efforts to get this book removed: on a recent field trip to the library with one of her children, a member of your staff said parents were “not allowed” in the teen section. This seems to conflict with with your scapegoating suggestion that it’s wholly a parent’s responsibility to monitor the materials their kids check out. 

Your justification for keeping this book also stated it was a resource to children who have questions about LGBT topics and sex Ed. This book is not sex Ed. It goes way beyond what the reproductive parts are called and procreation and sexual safety. This book instructs in kink, pleasure, and hook ups, none of which are covered in a standard sex Ed class. Did your gym teacher talk to you about various sex positions, euphoric drugs, orgies, or strap-ons? Doubt it. 

You’ve got several other books in your collection to counsel children with questions about who they’re attracted to. I’m not requesting any of those be removed. Why? Because, as far as I am aware, none of those books give instructions to kids on hook up apps, fecal appetizers or prostate prodding. 

Your justification for keeping this book also stated: “it is [the library’s] responsibility to ensure we represent everyone in our community by providing a collection of materials with many points of view and information.”  Well, I did some searching on your site and I found you do not carry Playboy magazines. I’m sure they’d be checked out all the time if you had them in the shelves. So why don’t you carry them? My conversations with library staff informed me that This Book Is Gay has demand and the insinuation was that demand justifies keeping the material in circulation. Penthouse would get checked out if you chose to offer it. Why don’t you offer Penthouse to the public? It too certainly seems tangentially related to sex Ed. So why is that not considered a resource for St Joe residents who have questions about their sexuality? 

Clearly you do recognize there are lines a public library should not cross and yet you’re not seeing this book DOES cross lines. There are gates to be kept. The gates before the minds of our children are the ones we need to secure most ardently. Your current practices aren’t just lacking, they approach negligence. This book is not a helpful, knowledge-focused resource. It is harmful to the minds and development of kids. 

Now, I ask you, does a book that teaches children the things I’ve cited – and despite all of the arguments I’ve just listed – seem reasonable in the public libraries of St Joe County? If you believe so, I would love, on record, to hear why you think that’s the case.

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  1. What gets me is that this is the first I’m hearing about this. I’ve got two kids in SB schools & wondering if this book is available there, too. Thank you for covering this. Pretty sickening that only ONE LONE PARENT is speaking out! Wish I knew her name so I could join her fight.


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