LISTEN: Abortion clinic employee offers undercover reporter illegal abortion at her home

Employee at Indianapolis based Clinic for Women offered to do the abortion for $500 at her house

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An employee for the Indianapolis based Clinic for Women abortion clinic offered to give an undercover reporter with REAL News Michiana an illegal abortion at her home for $500 on Wednesday. This comes one day after Indiana’s abortion ban went into effect. RNM had multiple phone calls with the employee. All of them were recorded.

RNM reporter Clifton French first called the clinic at 3:39pm on Wednesday after being tipped off that the clinic was closing. French posed as an 8-week pregnant transgender man by the name of Randall Fisher attempting to schedule an appointment in the hopes that the clinic would confirm their closure. Instead, a woman by the name of Bridgette took down “Fisher’s” name and phone number and promised to give him a call back. Approximately 3 hours later, RNM’s undercover reporter received a call from Bridgette on her cell phone, offering to perform the abortion at her home for $500. You can listen to both the initial phone call to the clinic and the subsequent call back below.

“At home, at my house, I got everything you need… everything you was going to get at the office, I got it at home.” Bridgette said.

The abortion clinic employee then went into detail about the process of getting a chemical abortion.

“Basically with the medical abortion, you do it anyway. When you come into the office, all we do is we group you… explain everything. We give you the procedure day where you come back the following day and we give you one pill… and that’s just to stop the growth,” She explained. “We send you home with 4 tablets. You have 48 hours to place these tablets in your cheeks, in between your cheeks and your gums, I can tell you everything. And, you have 48 hours to do that. I always tell the people to do it right before bed time so when you wake up in the morning, you know, the pregnancy is expelled.”

“So what do I need to do?” RNM’s undercover reporter responded.

“This is strictly between me and you now you know, because this is not supposed to (unintelligible) we’re not supposed to be doing this,” Bridgette said. “I’m not supposed to be doing this because it’s illegal.”

The abortion clinic employee then explained only a day earlier the procedure would have been legal. She then explained she and the patient could just lie about the date of when everything occurred.

“So, we going to act like it’s yesterday,” she said.

“So, do I need to come to you then right now? I mean, I can come right now,” the undercover reporter stated.

“Whenever you want to come and get it baby, it’s up to you!” Bridgette said while laughing. “Now, I’m charging $500.”

“That’s fine. $500 is fine,” the reporter responded.

Bridgette then gave RNM her address located on the eastside of Indianapolis.

RNM made subsequent calls, bartering the price of the procedure down to $450. At approximately 8:00pm, reporter Clifton French called Bridgette to let her know he is an investigative reporter and all of the information had already been passed along to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.

“Hi Bridgette, I need to tell you, my name is Clifton French. I’m an investigative reporter. That’s what I’ve been working on. I really just want to ask you some questions about this offer for an abortion at your house.” French told Bridgette.

“Well, no, that was no, um, not, I don’t, I don’t want… who are you?” She responded.

“My name is Clifton French. I’m an investigative reporter,” French responded.

“Oh, I don’t know, okay, what do you want?” She said.

“I’m calling you about this abortion you offered me as Randall Fisher,” French said.

“No, uh, well, that’s not, uh, I kind of figured who you were out the gate anyway.” She said.

“Did ya?” RNM responded.

“Yeah… so what is it you…” Bridgette said.

“Yeah, just wondering why you were offering me an abortion at your house for $500 and then bartered it down to $450?” RNM said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

“It’s all recorded. The Attorney General has all of this information already by the way.” RNM said.

Bridgette then hung up the phone.

RNM is working on confirming Bridgette’s last name, professional licenses and more. All of the recordings and information has been passed along to the Indiana Attorney General’s office for review.

During the calls, Bridgette also confirmed that the clinic is closing down and moving to Danville, Illinois.

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