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IDOE contains Marxist/CRT academic standards in “Ethnic Studies” courses

Educators are required to teach CRT tenets of implicit bias and critical consciousness

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — REAL News Central Indiana has discovered Indiana’s academic standards for Ethnic Studies courses in schools across the state contain Marxist and Critical Race Theory concepts. This revelation comes despite the state’s Secretary of Education claiming CRT does not belong in Indiana schools and should not be taught by Hoosier educators.

According to the standards which were adopted in January of 2020, students will learn and defend concepts such as implicit bias and critical consciousness. Those standards can be viewed below.

Implicit bias is a cornerstone concept to CRT in which “unconscious favoritism toward or prejudice against people of a particular ethnicity, gender, or social group that influences one’s actions or perceptions.”

Critical Consciousness is an overtly Marxist concept that has been coined as the “core of social justice teaching.” According to a scholarly article by several educators published in 2019, called Becoming Teachers for Social Justice: Raising Critical Consciousness, the concept “is a heightened awareness of the world and the power structures that shape it. Our critical consciousness increases as we come to perceive contradictions and oppressions in the world. We come to notice the difference between those who have and those who do not and ponder the reasons why. We come to notice incongruities and coercions in surrounding societal structures.”

The point of Critical Consciousness is to use public schools to train the next generation of communist leaders and activists. It was developed by Marxist educator Paulo Freire, who advanced the idea of Critical Theory that was later adopted to include race in Critical Race Theory. You can read the entire article below.

Despite a recent memo sent out by the Indiana Secretary of Education, these academic standards still exist. In the summer of 2021, Secretary of Education Dr. Katie Jenner sent the following memo to superintendents statewide.

“In Indiana, K-12 schools are required to teach the Indiana Academic Standards and the Indiana Employability Skills Standards. Neither set of standards include Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is not designed for elementary, middle, or high school students. Additionally, the State of Indiana will not support, condone, or fund anything that alienates, discriminates, or negatively divides students based on race or background.” The memo reads in part.

It turns out, Jenner has been aware of the CRT academic standards within the Ethnic Studies courses since at least August of 2022. However, Jenner’s office ignored the issue and has continued to adopt the same CRT standards.

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  1. Requiring kids to not only use politically correct language associated with CRT but to defend its use per ES.1.1 seems like a textbook example of indoctrination.

    It can be hard as an adult being subjected to shame for what others have done in the past, aka ‘Guilt by Association’. It’s sad that kids may also be subjected to this kind of shame as part of publicly-funded govt education. It’s easy to imagine this contributing to youth apathy, similar to what drug use does.


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