“Vote Every F*cking Republican Out” — Health Board member goes on obscene rant

GRANGER, Ind. — Failed Indiana state representative candidate and St. Joseph County Health Board member Heidi Beidinger ranted obscenely against the GOP on Twitter yesterday posting a meme to “Vote Every F*cking Republican Out,” adding “This needs to be said every day!” Beidinger deleted the tweet shortly after publication. However, RNM has screenshots as seen below.

This is not the first time Beidinger has made inflammatory comments. At a recent St Joseph County Health Board meeting, Beidinger retracted statements calling County Councilwoman Amy Drake a liar after the board lawyer told her she was breaking decorum rules.

Beidinger, who lost her campaign in November against current Republican state representative Dale DeVon, also lost her seat as president of the St. Joseph County Health Board at the beginning of 2023. Beidinger ran unapologetically on gun control and abortion. While Beidinger has remained generally quiet on Twitter since her losses, she picked up steam again at the end of March going after Republicans about public health and the party’s work to put an end to child genital mutilation.

March 27: “We must organize and work together. We must remove MAGA GOP from office. Period.”

April 5: “Indiana is poised to make history with a significant public investment. It’s not a done deal though. We have MAGA St. Joseph county officials who want to stop it and turn away OUR taxpayer dollars. Show up at their meetings and be heard.” (Beidinger is referring to Governor Eric Holcomb’s public health bureaucracy expansion, that would increase funding for local health departments from $7 million to $150 million annually.)

April 5: On the recent Indiana law to ban the mutilation of children via sex change operations and treatment: “This is monstrous on so many levels. Gosh, I wonder how Dale Devon (sic) voted since he is so supportive of Hoosier children?” (DeVon voted yes.)

April 11: More on Indiana’s law to ban child gender transition: “It’s so horrible!” We must vote the MAGA GOP out! Organize and vote!”

After Beidinger’s recent defeats and the exit of St. Joseph County Health Officer Doctor Robert Einterz, who she was instrumental in bringing on board, Beidinger is now lashing out politically. She worked to get negative media attention against the bi-partisan selection of St. Joseph County’s newest health officer, Dr. Joe Cerbin, a well-respected community doctor. Beidinger was the only member of the health board to vote against Cerbin. Her complaint was that he would not serve full time or be permanent. Dr Einterz was also contracted part-time with the county at 30 hours per week and also left his four-year term early. 

Einterz, like Beidinger, similarly did not hide his dislike of Republicans. The South Bend Tribune led with the headline “Einterz calls on voters to counter the politicization of public health by Republicans.” Einterz blamed a local Republican majority hostile to his wishes when announcing his resignation. Einterz blamed Republicans for limiting his ability to go after grants. When, in fact, they only told him he needed to run grants through the health board prior to presenting them to the council and commissioners, per state statute. Einterz bypassed the board for grants and hiring matters throughout his term, even though that is against state law. 

Beidinger, who served as health board president for three years, said at the January meeting: “We have not adhered to the Indiana code for years…”

Beidinger, a South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg appointment, continues to hold a Democrat seat on the board. She is also an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Eck Institute for Global Health.

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  1. Man, what is it with these lefties and their filthy language? It seems to emanate from Hollywood, leftist characters, and all such “cool” people. Do they not realize dropping an F-bomb just shows the limitations of their vocabularies/thoughts? Or do they believe that it adds credence to their argument?
    As a public school teacher ( non union) I recently helped break up a fight between 2 8th grade girls. They spouted the same type of verbiage, which makes me wonder if most lefties don’t have the emotional resolve and life experience of the average 8th grader.


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