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Elementary school invites speaker to discuss Ramadan — Ignores Easter

GRANGER, Ind. — Penn Harris Madison’s Walt Disney Elementary School invited a speaker to celebrate and teach a lesson regarding the Muslim holiday of Ramadan which falls during the same time as the Christian holidays of Lent, Good Friday and Easter this year. However, it appears the entire Christian belief system was completely looked over in regard to speakers invited to discuss cultural holidays.

PHM posted about the speaker on it’s public Instagram page, acknowledging the Easter season before describing the apparent religious indoctrination of elementary aged children.

“While those of the Christian faith are looking forward to Good Friday and Easter, March 22nd-April 20th is Ramadan for people of the Islamic faith. We thank a parent volunteer for visiting her child’s class at Walt Disney last week to give a brief overview of the faith tradition.” The post from April 4th, reads.

Multiple parents responded to the post, asking if they could have a speaker to discuss the Easter holiday. PHM ignored those requests and, instead, stated the school district would be putting up a post on the page to honor the Easter holiday on Sunday.

“I would love to visit and talk about Easter and the Christian faith.” One person wrote.

“We have a graphic prepared that will be shared on Easter, thank you.” PHM responded.

“She didn’t ask about a graphic… She asked for the equal treatment of religions.” Another parent chimed in.

“Yes, thank you. We will be wishing everyone a Happy Easter on Easter Sunday.” PHM wrote back.

It appears Walt Disney Elementary School consistently celebrates the religions of other cultures, while ignoring the Christian faith. In October of last year, PHM made a post about a lesson regarding the Hindu holiday of Diwali.

“Walt Disney students… were visited by ENL (English as a New Language) teachers this week who have first hand experience celebrating Diwali!” The post reads.

A cursory search of the PHM Instagram page shows no visits to Walt Disney Elementary School by people sharing information regarding Christian holidays and celebrations.

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