SJC Library promotes sexual book aimed at children

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Library is promoting a sexual picture book that is targeted at children. While there has been a push across the country to get this specific porographic book removed from schools across the country, the St. Joseph County Library is celebrating the pornographic material in the book Flamer that is, once again, aimed at children. The library is promoting the book in a display and has even invited the author to speak later this month.

A promotional flyer for the event called “One Book Michiana,” gives a short description of the graphic novel, describing the story as “a boy… and his experience at Boy Scout Camp in the mid-1990’s” who “develops romantic feelings for another boy.”

What the flyer doesn’t mention is the extreme sexual nature of the book including passages like the following which was featured in a story by the New York Post where a mother read the book aloud during a school board meeting.

The passage mentioned the protagonist Elias in a room with male friends who are masturbating.

“We’re each busting a load in this bottle. If you don’t c–, you have to drink it,” she read aloud.

“I learned about masturbation two years ago, kind of by accident. No one ever told me what it was,” the book continued, diving into a segment in which the protagonist remembers the time he discovered a pornographic film his father had hidden in the house.

The book also makes explicit references to genitals and contains images of naked teenage boys.

The author, Mike Curato, is scheduled to speak at the library’s Leighton Auditorium on April 24th at 6:00pm. The event is being sponsored by the Barnes and Thornburg law firm, Walker Hughes Insurance and Local 153 IBEW electrical union.


The St. Joseph County Library system has fully embraced the grooming of children in the area with several events and displays.

In June of last year, the Virginia Tutt Library held an event in which children were read sexual stories regarding radical gender theory without the knowledge of their parents.

Just last month, RNM exposed a Youth Librarian employed by the library system who consistently promotes the sexualization of children as part of her job.

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