Warsaw coffee shop to host drag show for kids — One performer is named after sexual act

Travis and Sara McConnell, Owners of Courthouse Coffee on the Square — Photo: Facebook

WARSAW, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has confirmed a local coffee shop is planning to host a drag show where children are able to attend. While the coffee shop’s ownership has claimed the event will be family friendly, one of the drag queens set to perform is named Natosha Salad, which said out loud sounds like “toss your salad” (a sexual act).

A flyer for the event being called, "Love is a Drag," claims it will be the first drag show ever in the county seat of Kosciusko County. It's being hosted at Courthouse Coffee on the Square at 5:30pm on February 18th.

"We here at Courthouse Coffee love and support everyone in our community." The coffee shop posted on Facebook, explaining the shop had been rented out to a group for the public event. "The show is rated PG13 so children are welcome at the discretion of their parents."

The coffee shop was recently purchased by local attorney, Travis McConnell. According to Indiana Secretary of State records, McConnell took over ownership of the coffee shop just last month.

While the coffee shop attempted to deflect responsibility for the drag show for children by claiming it was being put on by a person or group who had rented out the space, McConnell's wife took to social media to claim otherwise.

"If we claim to be allies, this is where we stand up and prove it." Sara McConnell stated in part of a Facebook post of her own. "I did not handle yesterday well." McConnell added, alluding to people in the community expressing their disgust with the event.

The coffee shop regularly boasts about its family friendly environment. In a January 15th post to Facebook, Courthouse Coffee on the Square featured its "kids (sic) corner" for child entertainment. The post included a picture of a children's area in the coffee shop that included toys for young toddlers and babies.


While the wife of the Coffee Shop's owner derides people protesting her business and speaking out against the event, one of the drag queens set to perform has a history of intimidating and protesting businesses in the community.

According to the flyer for the event, there are six drag queens set to be at the coffee shop on Saturday, including "Natosha Salad" as mentioned above. "Natosha Salad" is the drag name of Brock Richardson who has been featured in RNM stories in the past.

In January of last year, Richardson organized a rally and protest this outside of a Goshen business owned by a local state representative. Richardson advertised the event on Facebook to protest outside of Representative Joanna King’s business, JoJo’s Pretzels. The reason for the event was to protest King who voted in favor of House Bill 1134, which limits children from being exposed to sexually explicit material, tackles Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools and offers more transparency for parents of school-aged children. Richardson’s post was a grammatically error ridden diatribe of false information used at the rally, that consisted of only about a dozen people.

Richardson has been an outspoken advocate of progressive events involving school aged children. He promoted, and later defended, a drag show where children were supposed to perform organized by a 6th grade teacher over the summer of 2021 as part of Goshen LGBTQ Pride Week events.

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