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Indiana’s RINO State GOP Chair working to oust conservative county leader

Kyle Hupfer, Indiana State GOP Chair — Photo: http://www.taftlaw.com

CASS COUNTY, Ind. — Sources have confirmed to REAL News Michiana that Indiana State GOP Chair, Kyle Hupfer, is working to oust the conservative Cass County GOP Chair following a letter of censure Republicans in that county sent to Senator Todd Young. Hupfer, who has aligned himself with extreme leftist policies and RINO Governor Eric Holcomb, appears to be attacking anyone who expresses displeasure in the policies pushed by Senator Young, including his votes for the most recent Omnibus Package and the Defense of Marriage Act.

In December, Republicans in Cass County voted to censure Senator Todd Young based on his vote for the Democrat "Defense of Marriage Act" which strips religious freedoms from churches, businesses, non-profits and private citizens. That letter of censure was then leaked to a leftist reporter for CNN. It's not clear who leaked it to CNN. However, the letter can be seen below.

The letter also urges other counties to follow suit in censuring Senator Young. However, sources tell RNM that Hupfer has threatened to take away money and state influence if they move forward with the same.

Hupfer has been losing his influence within the GOP in recent years. Last month, he lost a bid for Republican National Committee co-chair.

Senator Todd Young appears to have aligned himself with the likes of RINO Senator Mitt Romney of Utah and leftist Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. Young was seen sitting with the two during the State of the Union address earlier this week.

RNM reached out to Hupfer and Cass County GOP Chair, David Richey. As of publication, neither had returned our messages.

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