ISP lies in report “exonerating” former clerk

Rita Glenn
Democrat St. Joseph County Circuit Court Clerk, Rita Glenn — Photo: Facebook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The Indiana State Police blatantly lied in their report “exonerating” former Democrat St. Joseph County Clerk, Rita Glenn, from any wrongdoing for illegally entering the secured absentee ballot area prior to the 2022 primary election.

The room in the County-City Building, in Downtown South Bend, is secured with two different locks, one for the Republicans the other for the Democrats. In theory, a Republican and Democrat keyholder must be present to gain access to the ballots. While Republican leadership was under the impression that only one key existed for each lock, it turns out there could be up to 7 keys total, with multiple Republican keys being held by Democrats.

Prior to the 2022 primary election, there was confusion about when designated keyholders were supposed to be at the County-City Building to open the room. The Republican key holder was not immediately available, so Democrat St. Joseph County Circuit Court Clerk, Rita Glenn, grabbed what she called a “Master Key” and had what she claimed to be a “Republican” in her office open the door for her.

The report issued by ISP appears to parrot that point, stating Glenn sought out a Republican to open the door.

There’s only one problem; Glenn did not seek out a Republican. Glenn had a woman by the name of Helen Jojo open the door. A quick search of her voting records show Jojo would be considered a Democrat by Indiana Statute. Jojo has never voted in a Republican primary and is not considered to be a Republican by Indiana statute. In fact, the only primary in which she has voted was in 2008 as a Democrat, according to voting records. Those voting records could have been checked and verified in a matter of minutes by Glenn herself in the same building in which she worked.

Legacy media outlets, like WNDU, ran defense for Glenn claiming Jojo “self identified” as a Republican, when it would have simply taken Glenn a few minutes to walk to the Voter Registration office to verify Jojo’s political affiliation and just a matter of seconds to call the office.

The Voter Registration Office and the Clerk’s Office work hand-in-hand to run St. Joseph County elections and in maintaining voter rolls, meaning Glenn was not ignorant of the laws regarding political affiliation or the process in which to verify that affiliation.

The ISP report also does not seem to address the issues regarding the extra keys that were floating around the County-City Building, as sources tell RNM that is a separate investigation in which Glenn has not been exonerated in.

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