Dems secretly caucus in new County Surveyor who just lost re-election bid

Bobby K. Kruszynski Jr. — AKA “Bobby K” — Soon-to-be St. Joseph County Surveyor

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The St. Joseph County Democrat Party held a secret caucus in which they chose to fill the soon-to-be empty seat of the County Surveyor with a man who was just booted from the county government by the voters in a lost re-election bid for the St. Joseph County Council. No media attended the caucus (appearing to show no media outlets were notified) and no media covered the resignation of the man who currently holds the office, Democrat John Mcnamara.

In the secret caucus, the Democrats chose Bobby K. Kruszynski Jr. as Mcnamara’s successor. Kruszynski, who recently lost his re-election bid for St. Joseph County Council District A, has been involved in city and county government nearly his entire life. Since 1968 he has worked for the South Bend Waterworks, the Sanitation Department, St. Joseph County Highway Department and the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department. He served as the District A Councilman since 2015.

RNM has requested the publicly available caucus results from the St. Joseph County Democrat Party Chair, Diana Hess. As of publication, she has not responded. It’s unclear if any other candidates even knew about the caucus and the process by which to put their hats in the ring.

Current County Surveyor, John Mcnamara, has held his elected seat for 50 years. He is resigning as of December 31st. There are two years left on his term. Mcnamara cited his family and his long tenure as the County Surveyor as reasons for his retirement/resignation when contacted by RNM.

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