INVESTIGATION: Riley Children’s Hospital performed multiple illegal abortions

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has discovered Indiana’s premier children’s hospital performed at least 2 illegal abortions in just two months earlier this year. Doctors at Riley Hospital for Children also appear to be performing mainly late-term abortions. And, nearly all of them are being performed on adults.


According to documents filed with the Indiana Department of Health, doctors at Riley performed two illegal pill abortions this past spring. In Indiana, the abortion pill can only be used up to 10-weeks gestation. Doctors at Riley performed a pill abortion on a woman who was 21-weeks pregnant in April and a woman who was 17-weeks pregnant in May.

Both of those abortions were documented with the state in what are called Terminated Pregnancy Reports. Subscribers can view those documents below.

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The reports also show a strange trend for a medical facility for children, in that it seems to make an exception on age for abortion treatment. From March through May of this year, the average age of a woman receiving an abortion at Riley was 30-years-old. Two women were 39-years-old. Only one patient was a juvenile at the age of 17.

Another strange trend was that nearly half of the women receiving an abortion were also married.

Further, 75 percent of the abortions were well into the 2nd trimester, considered to be “late-term.”

“In one room Riley Hospital physicians are helping children suffering from pediatric cancer and in the next they are performing gruesome abortions on 17, 18, and even 19-week fetuses.” Melanie Garcia, Executive Director of the pro-life organization, Voices for Life, said. “This is the height of hypocrisy. Records also indicate they are performing illegal chemical abortions on fetuses well past 10 weeks gestation. Having uncovered this malpractice, we are currently working with the Attorney General to investigate these potentially illegal procedures. We encourage everyone to contact Riley and ask them to cease these late term abortion procedures.”

RNM broke down the abortions below, showing the age of the baby, the age of the mother and the mother’s marital status.


  1. 19 weeks pregnant. 39-year-old married woman.
  2. 17 weeks pregnant. 28-year-old single woman.
  3. 12 weeks pregnant. 39-year-old married woman.
  4. 8 weeks pregnant. 17-year-old single girl.


  1. 21 weeks pregnant. 32-year-old married woman.
  2. 21 weeks pregnant. 22-year-old single woman. Illegal pill abortion.
  3. 15 weeks pregnant. 30-year-old married woman.
  4. 17 weeks pregnant. 26-year-old single woman.
  5. 13 weeks pregnant. 32-year-old single woman.


  1. 8 weeks pregnant. 33-year-old married woman.
  2. 17 weeks pregnant. 24-year-old single woman. Illegal pill abortion.
  3. 19 weeks pregnant. 33-year-old single woman.

Subscribers can view all of the Terminated Pregnancy reports below.

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This is not the first time Riley Hospital for Children has been caught in controversy. Last week, RNM broke a story regarding the children’s hospital offering sex change operations and hormone therapy (ie chemical castration) to children.

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