WATCH: Former Dem. Clerk credits RNM for flipping office Red

Terri Rethlake (D), Former St. Joseph County Clerk and Current Deputy Clerk — Photo:

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Former Democrat St. Joseph County Clerk and current Deputy Clerk, Terri Rethlake, attempted to insult REAL News Michiana by crediting the news outlet for helping to turn the Clerk’s Office Republican. Rethlake, who has been involved in St. Joseph County politics for more than 40 years, took time to give a speech at the St. Joseph County Election Board meeting on November 18th, where she defended current Democrat Clerk Rita Glenn. Glenn is currently under two Indiana State Police investigations for potential crimes involving the handling of absentee ballots. The investigations were launched after RNM uncovered the potential crimes.

“Back then, politics were different. And, although Democrat and Republican candidates disagreed, they were always civil to each other and ran on their platform, not on a campaign of hateful ads and blog postings.” Rethlake said, referring to RNM as a blog as many of the Democrats have throughout the election cycle. (NOTE: RNM is owned and operated by award winning journalist and decorated combat veteran, Clifton French.)

“I have never in all my years seen a political campaign as hateful, evil and filled with false accusations.” Rethlake continued.

Rethlake was referring to several ads regarding the investigations that were put together by the St. Joseph County Republican Party after every news outlet picked up the story regarding the potential crimes. While Rita Glenn was not running for re-election, her subordinate and longtime Clerk’s Office employee, Lana Cleary, was on the Democrat ticket. Cleary was defeated by Republican candidate Amy Rolfes in the November 8th election.

“This will not be the legacy of County Clerk Rita Glenn.” Rethlake concluded in her speech.


Rethlake, who was Glenn’s predecessor as the elected County Clerk, has had her fair share of corruption allegations.

Her office failed audits by the State Board of Accounts three years in a row following her first election in 2010. Rethlake was also accused of potential crimes by campaigning on the taxpayer dime and delaying the absentee voting process in 2012.

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  1. I think that the SJC GOP, and anyone else who enjoyed not having their ballot shredded, should put you in for an award, or buy you a drink!

  2. Was just thinking… you’re not the only conservative who often takes a compliment from an insult by a liberal. They always fail to see their own hypocrisy. I’m not aware that liberals ever feel complimented by what conservatives have to say, however.


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