OutCenter continues child targeting campaign

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. — The OutCenter of Southwest Michigan, an LGBTQ orgnanization in Berrien County, is continuing it’s campaign to target children and schools despite criticism from adults and parents across the community. Now, the organization is planning a “holiday event” where tickets are $25, except for children and teachers, who are being given free admission.

“Join us in honoring students, parents, school staff, (sic) and leaders!” A flier on the OutCenter of Southwest Michigan’s Facebook Page states. “This event is FREE to students and discounted for school staff.” The Facebook post goes on to state.

The event, which is happening on December 10th at Union + Social in St. Joseph, Michigan, from 7:00pm-10:00pm will also have alcohol — with a “complimentary toast” and cash bar.


While the advertising for this event, targeted toward children and teachers, is being done online, the OutCenter has historically promoted its out-of-school events at various Berrien County High Schools.

On November 11th, RNM uncovered several fliers for an OutCenter event for children had been posted in the hallways at multiple local high schools. That event, which was scheduled to be held at a public library, was eventually cancelled after criticism from the community.

The OutCenter then went on a smear campaign against RNM for uncovering the targeting of children following our investigative piece.

RNM discovered the OutCenter focuses much of its efforts on pushing for LGBTQ clubs in schools. On its website, it advertises a “Teen Pride Summit Series” where it says the OutCenter will “Help you start your school’s GSA (Gay Straight Alliance club).” The summit covers a host of issues on how to create a club constitution, fundraising, events and how to recruit for the clubs.

The Executive Director of the OutCenter, Mary Jo Schnell, is extremely vocal about taking educational rights away from parents. Her social media is full of posts lambasting parents for disagreeing with progressive indoctrination. She also attacks conservatives, Thanksgiving and Chick-fil-A while promoting censorship and Critical Race Theory. You can see several of those posts below.

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