Failed Commissioner Candidate goes on bizarre rant against State Rep. winner

Don Westerhausen
Don Westerhausen (D), Failed Candidate for St. Joseph County Commissioner — Photo:,-jr-kokomo-in

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Failed Democrat St. Joseph County Commissioner candidate, Dr. Don Westerhausen, took to social media to go on a bizarre and unhinged attack against District 7 State Representative Jake Teshka (R) who was just re-elected to his seat last week, taking more than 60 percent of the vote.

Westerhausen, who lost his race despite a strong third party candidate considered by many to be pulling away Republican votes, decided to go on Twitter to call the popular State Rep “extreme” for his stance on abortion. What’s even more bizarre is that Westerhausen has never run against Teshka in any race and does not live in his district.

“You are an extremist who voted to ban abortions.” Westerhausen wrote. “Mothers have lives too. Duh!!”

Teshka then commenced a brutal rebuttal to highlight the extremism in the Democrat Party and Westerhausen’s own stance on issues.

“What’s more extreme? Denying the fundamental biological differences between men and women or fighting to protect our daughters?” Teshka started.

“What’s more extreme, taking your children to a drag show or taking them to church?”

“What’s more extreme, teaching students that their skin color is their single most important characteristic or fighting for parents’ rights?”

“What’s more extreme, encouraging children with underdeveloped prefrontal cortex to castrate themselves or asking to pump the brakes?”

“What’s more extreme, seeking to defund police while violent criminals threaten our families or supporting those men and women who stand in the gap?”

“What’s more extreme, spending ourselves into crippling inflation or showing fiscal restraint?”

Westerhausen has a reputation for having a short fuse. In October, REAL News Michiana uncovered reports about Dr. Westerhausen nearly losing admitting privileges in Elkhart for his treatment of staff, mainly female nurses.

Not only has Westerhausen been attacking Teshka himself, his daughter spent weeks attacking the State Representative in unhinged social media posts. After Teshka blocked Christie Westerhausen for the unhinged attacks on his private campaign page (which is completely legal), she then began harassing the legislature in direct messages.

Christie Westerhausen is currently a taxpayer funded public servant as she is a Team Lead for the Indiana Department of Health, according to her Linkedin profile.

Subscribers can view the posts and messages from Christie Westerhausen below.

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  1. We know from their behavior after the election that the best man won. Congrats to Teshka!
    I’m sad for the loser though. All that campaigning and then to come up short must hurt like hell. Instead of coping, he demonstrates his lack of coping skills. Glad he’s not in office, ‘serving’ the public. We have enough of those kind already.

  2. Westerhausen, as well as other politicians, should watch how they portray themselves on social media. His posts make him look like a wackjob. I feel sorry for his patients.


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