Elementary school allegedly gives 5th graders lesson on changing gender during puberty discussions

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. — Parents have provided REAL News Michiana with a lesson they claim was given to their children at Northern Heights Elementary School in Columbia City. Parents claim the lesson called “Sex, Gender and Society” was given to 5th grade children as part of their “puberty” discussions earlier this month. The lesson spreads radical gender theory notions that claim a boy can become a girl and vice-versa.

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The lesson which parents claim was given to children as young as 10-years-old, defines “biological sex” and “gender” as two different things. It also makes the claim that “Gender Roles” are socially constructed and are considered to be stereotyping, while making the statement that “everyone’s gender identity is unique to them.” The lesson essentially makes the argument that if a girl likes to play boys’ sports, she is probably actually a boy.

RNM reached out the school’s principal and superintendent. As of publication, we have not received a response.

Northern Heights Elementary is a small school of less than 500 students, according to Department of Education statistics. It is located in the Whitley County Consolidated Schools District.

WCCS has had major issues with parental trust in education. The former Vice President of the WCCS Board of School Trustees threatened legal action against a parent for speaking out against mask mandates, hiring his own law firm to represent the school district. The district then adopted new rules preventing parents and citizens from speaking at board meetings.

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