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New Prairie Schools’ policy to hide child gender transitioning from parents

NEW CARLISLE, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has confirmed the New Prairie United School Corporation has initiated a new policy that will hide the gender transitioning of children from parents and allow boys and girls to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.

The documents titled “NPUSC Gender Support Plan” state, “School staff shall not disclose a student’s transgender or gender nonconforming status to parent/guardians without the student’s permission, unless authorized to do so by the NPUSC attorney.”

The support plan then has an area to check off if communication to the parents/guardians will contain the child’s actual gender or the gender they now claim to be, if the parents know about the child’s “gender status” and if they are supportive of the transition of their child. The form also has a section to describe “special circumstances” for communication with parents.

The documents also appear to have this policy for all children in New Prairie schools, including Kindergarteners. The “NPUSC Gender Support Plan” document is 5 pages long. You can view the section regarding hiding the information from parents below. Become a subscriber to view the other 4 pages documenting bathroom preference, etc.

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RNM reached out to the NPUSC Superintendent and all of the school board members for comment. Only superintendent Paul White responded, confirming the authenticity of the documents. Despite what is obviously written in the documents to assist in concealing the “gender status” of a child, White claims the school district will not hide the information from parents and that NPUSD is simply updating their policy to conform with federal law.

“To ensure safety of all students and support for transgender students, NPUSC has created a Gender Support Plan, which is an internal document used with transgender students only.” White wrote, in part, in an email last week. “NPUSC Social Workers and Counselors utilize this document to ensure only students of transgender status have access to the legal precedent with restroom access, and other necessary aspects are addressed in an individualized plan such as pronouns to be used in class.  Per federal legal precedent, school systems may not automatically disclose a student’s transgender status to families.  NPUSC does understand this concern, and as a result will always advise students to inform their family of their status.”

Subscribers can read White’s entire response below.

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The NPUSC is having a meeting tonight at 6:00pm CST (7:00PM EST) in the Olive Township Elementary School gymnasium.

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  1. Where is the right of a child, or the parent of a child in school, to be able to shield their child from being victimized even to the simplest extent of feeling violated by the possibility of being exposed to/ exposing themselves to someone of the opposite sex (according to plumbing) in the bathroom, shower, or locker room who the superintendent says has a federal legal right to be there? Legal protection swings both ways.


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