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ND Prof uses her school office to offer abortion services

Tamara Kay
Professor Tamara Kay, University of Notre Dame — Photo: Twitter

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — A report by Notre Dame student newspaper, The Irish Rover, uncovered a Notre Dame professor is using her campus office to offer abortion services to students. It turns out, Keough School of Global Affairs professor, Tamara Kay, has posted a sign on her office door notifying students of the services she is offering.

“This is a SAFE SPACE to get help and information on ALL Healthcare issues and access—confidentially with care and compassion,” The picture of the poster, which was published in the Irish Rover, reads.

Poster on Professor Tamara Kay’s office door at Notre Dame. Photo: The Irish Rover

It seems Kay has also developed a more subtle code with other professors who are also offering the services by putting the letter “J” on their office doors. Kay’s door also has a “J” on it.

Kay has blocked REAL News Michiana from viewing her Twitter page. However, according to the Rover, Kay posted this to her social media feed, “We are here (as private citizens, not representatives of ND) to help you access healthcare when you need it, and we are prepared in every way. Look for the “J”, Spread the word to students!”

“These professors, including Kay, offer help in obtaining both Plan B ‘morning after’ pills and ‘Plan C’ abortion pills, which are efficacious up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.” The Irish Rover story states. RNM has previously written about Kay’s abortion activism as well.

All of this appears to be in defiance of a law passed by the Indiana legislature over the summer that banned most abortions in the state. That law is currently not being enforced due to an approved injunction by an Indiana judge stemming from a lawsuit.

Despite offering these services using Notre Dame facilities, Kay claims she is offering the services as a “private citizen” simply because she urges all students to contact her through her private email address.

RNM reached out to Notre Dame for comment. As of publication, we have not received a response.


Kay has previously used Notre Dame facilities and her Notre Dame email address in other areas of activism. A REAL News Michiana story in August of 2021, uncovered Kay’s push to mask children at Penn Harris Madison schools.

In an email, Kay, urged PHM parents at Notre Dame to pull their kids from class in protest of a mask-optional policy.

Dear PHM parents at ND,

Just a note that we are organizing a three day sickout of all PHM schools this Wednesday to Friday to push back against PHM’s mask-optional policy. In addition to this, we organized a protest on Friday, (sic) are working on plans to change the composition on the PHM Board of Education.

If you are interested in participating, here is the form to fill out: (lists a google doc link)

If you have any questions, or just want to talk about it, I’m happy to talk by phone or zoom.

We also have a PHM Parents for Masks Facebook page where all info is being updated. Email me if you want to join and I’ll send you an invitation.

In solidarity,


Professor of Global Affairs and Sociology, University of Notre Dame

The email makes it appear the push was being organized on behalf of and sanctioned by Notre Dame.

RNM Reached out to the university media relations team for comment at the time. University Spokesman, Dennis Brown (now retired), sent the following response:

This is in no way a protest against PHM schools “on behalf of Dame.” The university has not taken an institutional position on this matter, and the views of the protesting parents are their own, not the university’s.

Mr. Brown did not address the fact that the professor used her Notre Dame email and was sending the messages to other Notre Dame staff and employees.

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  1. i know ND. Catholic advocate for change – that is change what divine scripture says.
    ND took this course in earnest about 1990, see the movie “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”
    That ND school president was a very sick and immoral man/woman/person/devil


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