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Youth Softball Coach Sentenced to 40-years for Child Molestation

Mike Feltz Mugshot
Michael Feltz, Coach of OC Crush Fastpitch Softball — Mugshot provided by the St. Joseph County Jail

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A judge sentenced former youth softball coach, Michael Feltz, to 40-years in prison for Child Molestation. According to a plea deal, 10-years of that sentence is suspended in lieu of 5-years of probation after Feltz serves his time. Feltz is currently 45-years-old.

RNM was the first to report on Feltz arrest in April of this year. According to arrest documents, Feltz had a sexual relationship with a minor player from October of 2021 through March of this year. Feltz is the coach, director and president of the OC Crush youth softball league in Mishawaka that has since gone defunct.

According to court documents, Feltz would meet the player near Target off of Ireland Road on the south side of South Bend where the two would have sex in his car. Court documents allege he would communicate with the child via text, telling the girl to jump a fence, then walk toward his car before getting into the back of his vehicle.

Eventually, the mother of victim discovered the conversations on the child’s cell phone. The child sent Feltz a message on March 27th, describing the discovery.

“Mmmike (sic) she found out.” The text message read. “I dint (sic) know what’s about to happen right now I’m just freaking out. Please don‘t freak out and stay calm. love you.”

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